Friday, January 27, 2006

'Master' Miller, U traitor!

Well, the 'traitor' part is also related to 舞- 乙HiME w/ it's backstabbings like the referenced game. Anyways, 舞- 乙HiME's new OP has definitely sparked more questions to this awesome show. I was gonna do a screen by screen grab of the OP but bakaboobie had done that for me. Anyways, it's Friday, and i don't feel like posting much, so here's some random and interesting Hisayuki Hirokazu pics of the character [the blonde chick whom i posted here along w/ the other campaign chicks from, she's donning the Vega's (not from SF cuz that would be Balrog :P) mask from Gear Senshi Dendoh] that Otome has heavily borrowed from, just like Rena and some others.

if you're a Hisayuki fan like me, you'd know that this pic is an old one from his site before he revamped it. He had a boatload of Gear Senshi Dendoh art there. I have a few pictures of her but they're shit quality.

Here's a sketch by Hisayuki:

He updated his site today, so the new top image features Nina in her Meister outfit from a pose in the OP, similar to his Nina & Arika drawing.

the Red Champion pic I mentioned about a couple of posts ago:

Maruto's pic this week:

Naruto game scans: PSP and DS

Gemini Knives pic of the day:

oh yes, my AJ package will definitely arrive next week as it somehow got into a transport delay in Wilmington OH and is still stuck there...WHAT...THE...FUCK?!

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