Friday, January 13, 2006

Hazardous Ballistics

A short update today. Yeah, according to the title, I should use Ashley instead, but I personally don't like Ashley and her CG art is just scary, so I opted for the uber hot Ada Wong. Anyways, I've been pretty busy now that school's back in gear along w/ other things in life. I've also been playing a LOT of RE4, hence the theme. Started 2 days ago and been playing quite a lot. I just finished chapter 3 last night. Such an awesome game. Anyways, found out on monday from HLJ that my Max Factory Cammy has been delayed till February. The MF Mai and Chun Li are also scheduled for Feb, i'm guessing they'll be pushed back to March, cuz if they come as well, Feb's CC statement is gonna hit me really hard. HLJ is still listing my Orchid Seed Natsuki for Jan. but i think it'll also be delayed since the official site says Feb and the OS Mai is due this month (the 16th or something). I'm still waiting for my GSC Natsuki which Akibajin previewed. So it should be coming soon, waiting on this one from YesAsia, a little relieved that HLJ doesn't have it yet either. Also, somewhat related (by way of Hisayuki) is that Akiba has a review (the awesome usual style) of the Cyber Formula collection figs pt.2 showcasing the goods of Sugou Asuka and Yuuki Rena. Saga and Sin will soon be mine, can't wait!
Some gaming stuff of interest: 1up's SFA3 Max preview (nothing special really)
Eyeshield 21 PSP scan
Rockman ZX official site (opened today) for the DS

the new Naruto 4 DS game doesn't interest me much, which is why i didn't link it, it's pretty old news (about 3-4 days old or maybe more).

Lastly, felt i haven't done a babe day in a while so here's french hottie Clara Morgane:

i didn't feel like uping and linking a nude pic, so instead i link to you a yummy NSFW vid of her ^_^.


Anonymous said...

I have the Gamecube game and I love it as well. The PS2 graphics are good but just don't compare. I might borrow it from my friend for Seperate Ways.


R8 said...

yeah, my friend was telling me about how the lighting and effects are so much better in the GC version when i lent him the PS2 demo. I haven't tried seperate ways yet, since i'm still not done, though i can't wait for some Ada action...hawt.

bakaboobie said...

Rockman ZX looks like it's the X-series done in BattleNetwork style.

bakaboobie said...

Heh.. From watching that little video, I can't help but laugh when she was having a bit of trouble unbuttoning her shirt. :D :D :D

R8 said...

yeah, it was funny, she also had some problems taking of her skirt ^^. SEXY nonetheless.