Saturday, January 21, 2006

Ninjas made from Metal and Blood

Sorta quick update today, as I got personal things to attend to. So, been getting questions on where I got my avatar from at AoD. Well, i luckily happened to find it from other boards some weeks ago. Anyways, I present the pic in full now for those who've yet to find it.

With that aside, i just wanted to mention that i watched the Naruto OVA that came w/ Narutimate Hero 3 for the PS2. Well, it's an okay OVA that sorta takes place during the Sasuke Rescue arc but doesn't cuz Sasuke's here and the Sand-nins are in their new duds from that arc. Anyways, it's about a crystal snatching tournament, which is the same as the game's RPG mode. It basically develops from that and the OVA shows you on some of the hidden crystals that the player can use towards the game. The OVA has good art and animation as expected from the trailer i mentioned a while ago. However, the fights are really short and therefore, a disappointment IMO. We see some repeated moves taken from the manga, Ino & Sakura clash; Lee's double kick on Gai which is similar to his fight w/ Sasuke; Kakashi taking out Naruto's Rasengan and Sasuke's Chidori. he does it in a slightly cooler way cuz he uses sharingan when they come head on. though in the manga he just chucks them w/ no sharingan, which i found cooler. but of course, circumstances were different. So here's some caps, mostly focused on the chicks i dig in the show (Anko, Tsunade, Temari and Ino) and some of the other charas (like Naruto & Sasuke gayness as well as 'dead' characters).

Lastly, i'm treading along RE 4 once again, finished chapter 5-1 earlier today (soooo looong) and just want to announce that Capcom's selling a soundtrack book that contains 2 CDs (62 tracks, 160 mins of music) and a 48 page book. The book is Japanese however. It's going for a price of 24.95 US (b4 shipping) thru their site or you can get it w/ the game for 59.99 US (b4 shipping). I also took a look at the PS2 chainsaw controller when i picked up my Tales of Legendia artbook. Have to say that it's mighty nice in person, but not worth the price IMO. Also check out the new Shin Onimusha commercial to listen to a sample of the Hamasaki Ayumi song 'startin' (which wasn't on her new, (miss)understood album) if you're a fan of hers like me.

new pic this week:


somber said...

Heh, that's a very nice Ghost in the Shell pic. Makes me think of naughty things.

bakaboobie said...

The use of the Sharingan is a bit warranted, as you never know Naruto might be getting even with Kakashi for using the sennen goroshi. :P

And you're in Chapt 5 already?

R8 said...

@ BB: hahaha true true. Yeah, it was just my personal opinion seeing as he's going head on against them or maybe he wanted more insight (pun not intended) on rasengan.

as for RE, yup, i'm on still on 5-1. haven't played for a bit as i'm playing kof XI in the arcades as well as going back to 2k2/2k3. i probably will get back on to it tonight.