Monday, February 27, 2006

3rd Time Around

Well, I finished Shadow Hearts 3 JPN version today and got the good ending. though i saved a slot for the bad ending. be posting that soon. anyways i am now sorta late for 24. So i'm skipping the Cyber Formula theme today in place for some old and new artwork scans that i found today and some weeks ago on the usual image boards and friend's drive. enjoy.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Hisayuki Junkie

that i am. anyways, 2 posts in one day, that's a first for me and something i rarely do since 1 post takes so much of my time. so the reason for this is cuz i was lucky enough to get my Amazon Japan order today and decided to do this post now. i also realized i forgot my Cyber Formula theme today. So this will make up for it as well as ADD more to it. Moyism already posted pics of the MaiHiME Hisayuki Artworks, but i'll just add more to it, as well as giving it a review at AnimeonDVD. Let's just say that i'm disappointed w/ the ZHiME selection as well as HiME. I was hoping for some artwork from the cardass as well as production sketches (but those will probably be in a future mook). The awesome swimsuit art of Arika, Nina, Tomoe, Erstin and Irina that i posted is not included and it also doesn't even have the DVD covers that he worked on. So yeah, not a good compilation of Hisayuki HiME/ZHiME IMO. Hopefully there will be another huge artbook compilation when Otome is done which will include the cardass special artwork as well as the dvd covers of both HiME and ZHiME. Anyways, enjoy the pics

The back of Stuff
Booklet sample for vol.2 showing my fave Tomoe
the disc w/ First Press Magnet...X(

Sample shots of the Artworks book:
Sample 1 (this is also a fold out poster included in the book)
Sample 2
Sample 3
Sample 4
The Artworks books contains 3 My-HiME artwork i haven't seen. That's because they are from the upcoming My-HiME Bakuretsu PSP game. The 3 artworks are of Mai (in hero scarf), Natsuki (in open cleavage biker outfit) and Mikoto (w/ Miroku).
Mai exclusive
Natsuki & Mikoto exclusive

The non-HiME artworks. I've seen and have a good majority of the SS CF GPX art, there was only 6 artworks which i've never seen. As for Dendoh, aside from the covers, and 2 spreads, i haven't seen any of the rest. There's also 2 pages of sketches for Dendoh.
Sample 7
Sample 8
Sample 9
Sample 10
Sample 11
Sample 12

and here's my fave race queen from the famitsu campaign whom i also used as my avatar at AoD months ago:
so unbelievably haawwwwt.

Fighting Junkies

This is mostly a hentai overview post of this month's release. So I'll start off Mrs. Junkie which is also my pick for hentai of this month. Mrs. Junkie has the same team of animators and artists as Milky's Milk Junkies. Thus, the art and animation was fabulous and much better than Cleavage's IMO. And unlike Cleavage, Mrs. J delivers in the action department w/ 5 scenes. 3 penetration scenes, 1 w/ Kyouka playing w/ herself(using a vacuum) and 1 BJ scene w/ Hayami that's as good and tasty as Strigendo's many BJ scenes :P. Anyways, this is great stuff just like Milk Junkie was. Fans of that series should not be disappointed w/ this quasi-sequel to Milky's Milk Junkie that is based on game 2 as game 1 was adapted by Vanilla and called Bakunyuu Oyako, which will be released in R1 soon. Milk Junkie 3 is still up for grabs, let's hope Milky will do the right thing. And who's my fave of the two? obviously kyouka.

i'll eat something off ya...not the stuff in the spoon :P.

I have the HCG set of Kininaru Roommate but it's on a back up disc and i don't feel like searching for it just to add a pic or two here, maybe in the future. Anyways, ep. 2 of this hentai keeps the similar and much inferior (to the beautiful manga) art. It's simple but still nice and doesn't distract much. There are moments of inconsistencies. The animation is on par w/ ep.1 and is very good. It's your usual above average Milky: Not as good as Mrs. Junkie, better than Vanilla titles and on par w/ certain D3, Animac & Himagin titles. There's 3 great action scenes and each fulfills the foreplay and main course. The 1st action scene is the best w/ Ai (obvious my fave), it's also quite lengthy. Hazuki's next, her scene was okay but her voice is annyoing. Lastly we have main girl Rei. Her scene was quite short but still good.

from top-left clockwise: Ai, Ai ( hawt), Rei, Hazuki

I checked out the new Valkyrie Shinsou OVA and it was okay. Good thing about it is that there's lots of sex and the animation is pretty decent throughout. Bad things: boring sex scenes, art is too average and bugs/'caterpillars'. While i don't find caterpillars gross (having seen kurohime years ago), some might, which is why i listed it. It just felt boring to me and only ep.1 of the original was the best that this series offered.

Ryuusei Tenshi Primaval proved pretty interesting surprisingly enough. It's your usual mahou sentai kind of hentai, 'cept it reminded me of pretty cure and sailor moon. Pretty cure cuz there's only 2 mahou chicks and SM cuz of the colors of their outifts and cuz they wear....sailor outfits. Anyways, as usual w/ these types we get perverted race raping female citizens, so we see bits and pieces of that. there's only 1 main action scene but it's long and extended as we get a 1 on 1 raping followed by a gang bang. The art is AVERAGE as hell but the animation is pretty good. It's just slightly below Kininaru IMO. there's also some very good fighting animations which is better thant the crappy fillers of Naruto. Some might want to give this one a watch just for the fighting in this hentai. You'll enjoy this one but will totally forget about it afterwards.

I mentioned in this post w/ a description of the SF2 issue 5 covers, here they are along w/ the very awesome covers of issue 6 and some RS ones as well.
Street Fighter 2 #5

Street Fighter 2 #6

Rival Schools issue ?

stuff i want to mention about the olympics today: GOLD for Canada in Men's Curling and finals of ice hockey will be Finland vs. Sweden. I'm rooting for finland only cuz I really like Saku Koivu, though it wouldn't be bad if Sweden won either. They're both good. i'm just happy that russia lost and ovechkin will get either nothing or bronze. yeah, i'm not a fan of ovechkin, though i have to admit, the guy IS amazing.

Lastly, YesAsia has shipped my Mai-HiME Bakuretsu PSP game (even though i don't own a PSP...gonna give my buddy a call :P) along w/ HK Bleach vol.20. This is great but also bad since my card is charged like hell ;_;.

NSFW pics: Kyouka and Hinako of course.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Prerequisites for Race Queens: Nice Cleavage

Watched the much anticipated Cleavage hentai. It was good stuff overall. There wasn't much action as i hoped there would be but it was enjoyable and fits the light hearted hentai that it is. Anyways, much focus on the 'sibs' as erika and yuto are the main charas and thus this episode needed to focus on them and their relation first. there's 3 scenes in total. first two consist of BJs and boobie-f***. Last scene is of course the main scene in which we get the foreplay as well as ramming. However, the main scene was quite short and thus i was disappointed. There was a potential yuri scene w/ Erika and Yuki but Yuki got rejected :P.

As usual, girls are pretty and megastacked thanks to Seishoujo's original designs, thus the art is really good. The animation is slightly better than Discipline's which is a plus, though the lack of action compared to Discipline could be a reason for this. However, recent D3 titles like Yakin 2 series and Ne-Chan have much better animation IMO than both titles in the sex department. Anyways, w/ much focus on Erika this episode, i'm anticipating my fave Sayaka Ichinose-sensei for the next episode.

Been watching Olympics most of the day. it's been a good day so far for Canada. 4 medals (2 gold, 2 silver). 1 in Nordic Skiiing Sprint this morning. 1 & 2 in 1500M Speed Skating mid afternoon. Just watched the 3000M Speed Skating Relay and currently watching the Hockey game of Canada vs. Russia. winner will face Finland who defeated USA earlier.

Also, my OS Natsuki has shipped from HLJ!!!! I used SAL thus it'll be a little while before i get it and get pics up. I also preordered the Alpha Sei fig cuz I AM Sei-obsessed and after watching the final volume of BakuTen again, it just reinforced me even more. DAMMIT! WHERE'S THE OVA?!!! That's been in the making for soooo long.

anyways, since i got no Ichinose Sayaka love today, i'll present some NSFW Sayaka CG love again.

Today's Cyber Formula Chick comes from the 'main' Sugo team. Looks like "Haruka"'s a race queen during her spare time :P. Obviously, if she was, she'd totally fit the bill w/ her nice figure and rack ;).

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Racing Angel Heart 3rd G.I.G

Yeah, i got my amazon canada package today. just some r1s: Burst Angel 5 & final volume 6 (i love you sei) and GitS SAC vol.3 SE ("yay free gits figs" /end sarcasm) which includes one of my fave episodes for this season (ep.11). Next SE of GitS i intend to get is vol.5 as i've sort of let it be known in the past that i love ep.17 ;). Also that volume contains the awesome episodes of 18 & 20. Vol.4's episode 14's Poker Face is really awesome too.

Before you continue reading, this is a Shadow Hearts From the New World related post and thus the following pics below will contain spoilers. Today's post will focus mainly on Shania's Fusions and a future post will focus on the endings and a few fmvs. So be warned if you intend on playing this game. So, i'll start off first w/ my rant and my cyber formula theme w/ the Vap campaign chick.

Shingo has posted his pics from WHF 2k6 and man, the figs look awesome. Lot of Natsuki figs (love the twin pistols/element one) which i hope are exclusives so it won't tempt me. What really tempts me is the BakuTen Sei figs, the one in her bathing suit from ep.15 and the one in her normal getup from R2 Box 4 pose. I hope those are exclusives too or garage kits only, otherwise i must GIT *cries*. Both Carmen99 is really tempting along w/ the minis of her and the girls in bathing suits. Dannychoo has also got his 'part 2 of WHF' up w/ some awesome pics as well (ie. RANGIKU!!!). Also, beerman posted his collection of WHF links. Anyways, i hope the figs i really like aren't easily accessible :P.

My-HiME news: As always, i brought news to AoD w/ the official My-HiME Bakuretsu PSP site being updated w/ movie clips of sample combos from 8 characters. Now if you haven't watched the anime and intend to, i suggest you not go there and not continue reading the rest of this paragraph. So yeah, the game looks and animates like shit. backgrounds are fugly w/ nothing animated and interesting to look at ('cept for the forest stage w/ Kazu-kun/Kazuya :P). Some of the combos look sort of cool but is a pain if i have to watch the same animated sequence for the super move i pull over and over again. i mean, i was so sick of watching those akane and mikoto super combos. I really hope you can skip those anime scenes cuz i)they're long ii)they slow the pace down in a fighting game and iii)they're boring cuz they're ripped from the anime. Either way, i'll be have a decent time w/ it only cuz i love the series and just want it for the sake of my collection and the fact that i'm a fighting game aficionado as well HiME/ZHiME Hisayuki
aficionado ;) :P.

Of Olympic note, watched the woman's hockey game yesterday, Canada raped Sweden as expected and lived up to the hype. While Men's barely held off the Czechs they suck. Also just want to note that our female goalie (Charline Labonte) is cute and during the awards ceremony i noticed that Team USA's captain (Krissy Wendel) is friggin' hot! Speaking of hotties, I watched the ladies figure skating short program only for Sasha Cohen who finished in #1 position today. YEAH BABY!! Sarah Meier from Switzerland is pretty hot too, but Cohen beats out everyone EASILY :D.

Shadow Hearts From the New World Spoiler ALERT

So yeah, SH3 is coming soon and i've been watching and sorta playing my friend's save file of the JPN game. Today i'm gonna present Shania's CG fusions which is what i'm sure most horny fanboys would enjoy as she goes mostly nude. the Demo and Game OP as you know shows a bunch of CG clips that will be shown in the game. you see bits and pieces of Shania's CG fusion and one CG fushion gets the most attention and that is the Tirawa fusion (the one w/ the jiggling boobs in the fiery background). Gonna go in order w/ Ta tanka, La Siren and Tirawa. Thunderbird is actually the first fusion you already have, but since it's available on many sites, i'm gonna refrain from showing that CG. I'm also gonna refrain from the 15 sec. in-game stripping transformations as they ARE quite short, but still very yum and i'm a lazy ASS :P. So yeah, Shania gets a tattoo for each fusion she gets. Thunderbird is the tattoo on her back and i'll reveal where the others are now.

all fusions require the jiggling of boobs and stripping. So glad Yuri didn't have to do this :D.

Ta Tanaka: tattoo in the groin area, poo-see snatch :P

La Siren: tattoo on the ass

Tirawa: the one seen most often, tattoo on the boobies!!!

oh yeah, RPGgamer has a pretty crappy review (in terms of content) up. nothing too interesting imo. It got a 4/5 from them which i would not have cared either way as i love the game like SH2.