Monday, February 06, 2006

(H)oly (K)rap she's hawt

Blogspot was scheduled for an outage and thus this post didn’t make it on time, so here’s what I wrote (as of 10:50 EST time):

Well, I wanted to make a post this Saturday but blogger was being gay (and is still gay) for maintenance. Yesterday was also the Super Bowl, which I found meh, until the 2nd half. I was rooting for Steelers only cuz I wanted Bettis to win. Why? Only cuz I saw his story on Beyond the Glory a couple of years ago. All those mofos always have such a bad history :P. Anyways, I’m so sick of pizza now XD.

My YesAsia order came in today, well, actually it was my 2nd half. YA shipped my order thru 2 partial shipments, I got my videos on Friday and my mangas today. The videos went thru customs and I got charged at the door. So I was pissed on Fri., thinking “FUCK, I’m gonna get charged again next week as they screwed me over”, luckily I wasn’t charged, I even actually 'saved' some money. Anyways, the entire order is Hong Kong stuff hence my gay title. As you can see, included is SPL Special Edition (along w/ poster), Magic Crystal VCD (old and awesome fighting movie w/ Cynthia Rothrock and Richard Norton). There’s the HK version of Bleach 19 (Bleach 20 HK was released about 2 weeks ago, I should be getting it in early March) which also contains the coloured chapter of Black Moon Rising like the JPN tanks. And there’s vol.14 of Tenjou Tenge HK edition again which was released not too long ago. I’ve been waiting on this one since I’m a huge Maya fanboy.

Lastly there’s my much anticipated Shin Seiki Cyber Formula GPX SAGA HK R3 Box Set, which I mentioned some posts ago that I would be getting as I’m on my quest of getting Hisayuki related stuff (still looking for Dendoh). Anyways, yes, there ARE real anime DVDs in HK :D, though the packaging does feel kinda bootleggy. It’s nowhere near as good as the R3 Korean or obviously the original R2. The box is a holographic chipboard one and thus sturdy. The art and DVD cases uses only 2 artworks from the R2 by original chara designer Inomata Mutsumi (I really wanted the Kyoko cover…hawt), no disc art either, just a shot from the actual show. No extras on the 2 DVDs. You get your choice of stereo Cantonese or Japanese w/ or w/out Traditional Chinese or Japanese subtitles. 4 eps each disc. Yeah, it’s barebones but it’s the only way I can get to watch the show and understand it legally. I marathoned this show on Friday and man was it awesome. I watched it in Canto since I can’t read CHN as fast as they speak, though I’ll revisit it again in JPN cuz I love the show. Now, I’ve never seen SAGA but remember watching some of the previous OVAs and television show when I was young, so it was great seeing some of these characters again. The story’s clichéd you’d say but I still dug it. Hayato’s much older now, cooler (physically) but still bitching, whining and blaming when he loses as once again he’s battling himself. He ditches Asurada for the new Garlan and tries to advance from there. His relationship w/ his hottie g/f, Asuka is also further developed which was nice. Then there’s the other part of the story where the Aoi Zip team gets a new car and captain. The brand new car Al-Zahr pretty much dominates cuz of it’s advanced technology along w/ it’s driver, Phill Fritz who basically replaces Shinjo. Thus it’s only Fritz and Kaga representin’ Aoi Zip. I also totally forgot that Miki was on the Aoi Zip team. So yeah, some good drama here. The race scenes were good for the most part but there was still a lot of recycled animation. The character designs are at the early stages w/ Hisayuki. He’s obviously developing as you can see some of his style show in the characters. Though it’s still mostly a mix between Mutsumi and Takahiro at times. It’s not until SIN where we’ll see that he’s developed his own style and what most ppl and his fans will be use to seeing.

Box Front
Box Back
DVD Cases

I made note of this on AoD recently, the official site for the My-HiME Bakuretsu PSP game went up showing some new screens and info. Famitsu also has some cool screenshots. I know this game will play like crap (so says my hardcore fighting game persona) but I know that I’m gonna have so much fun (so says my My-HiME fanboy persona) like all other crappy anime fighting games (ie DBZ, some Naruto, One Piece etc.).

The KOF MI 2 site also went up some days ago. It’s available in JPN, ENG and CHN. Luise Meyrink is hot as expected. Some old shots. This also reminds me that i need to do some cappage for the anime for ep.3.

Now, this is the death of me, went to Heisei Democracy today and Shingo announces that there will be a Alter Sei fig (2) coming in May. Not only that, but Megahouse is also releasing some of my fave hotties from Bleach. This includes Yoruichi and Rangiku. So, I have to say, that I’m gonna have to go back on my word and pick up the Alter Sei (cuz I’m such a Sei whore, though the pose isn’t that much diff from the R2 DVD fig, but at least it’s bigger…yum) and Rangiku. I’m not picking up the Yoruichi one cuz she’s based on her anime design, therefore, we get the gay, annoying extra white cloth that covers her back and side-boobage (WTF?!!!). If MH releases a Kuukaku one (who’s undoubtedly my fave chick in the series), I’ll probably have to go back on my word again. Man, I’m SO WEAK. Luckily, both of these are coming out in May, which is also the month of my BDay, so that’s good.

Finally the official site for Shadow Hearts From the New World is up (not too fond w/ most of the ENG voices), and thus I begin my theme since this is the game that got me interested in the SH series. Thanks Shania, luv ya! So 7 (non-consecutive days :P) of SH FtNW artwork. The pics may be spoilerish for those who’ve yet to play the game.
12:50 edit: japanese lesles imageboard has posted the cardass mai and natsuki pic i posted a while back. here it is:


DiGiKerot said...

Alas, a sudden burst of Hisayuki and Fukuda interest means that Yesasia aren't carrying the HK Cyber Formula sets any more from the looks of things, and unfortunately I delayed on ordering them since I'd heard conflicting reports about them having JP audio or not. Looks like I'll have to spring for the Jp release at some point (though Dendoh is higher up my list of priorities right now - I've still not seen the orginal CF ^^;).

R8 said...

i just checked, they're still carrying the HK box sets. mmm...did you look in the right section? The HK DVDs does have JPN audio, but i haven't listened if there were any problems yet. Packaging and lack of Eng subtitles is the only flaw for me. Dendoh is such a huge show, that i dare not touch the R2s. Wish there was a HK R3 so i can save greatly. Though Dendoh can be easily found on bootlegs :(.

DiGiKerot said...

Ah, I was sorting the results by Video, which doesn't show them. If I veiw them by anime they turn up. Thats a relief. My R1 Cyber Formula box should turn up in the next few days, so I guess I'll get these ordered.

Theres a Taiwanese release of Dendoh, but it doesn't have Japanese audio annoyingly, and the video is utterly horrible.

R8 said...

I should be getting SIN this week (can't wait) and thinking about getting Double One and Zero now cuz SAGA reminded me just how much i use to enjoy this. So yeah, for nostalgic sake.

Yeah, Dendoh will be quite the hunt for me.

bakaboobie said...

Going to pass up on both Sei and Nanoha for now. The poses are a bit average to me. On the other hand, should Alter decide to release Fayt then that's another matter.

Definitely going to get Yoruichi and Rangiku though. :)

R8 said...

yeah, the sei one is average and practically the same as the R2 DVD fig like i mentioned, but Sei figs are so rare! so, i had to git. Seeing the popularity of Nanoha, it's only a matter of due time that they get her lezbe friend :P.

yeah, rangiku is a must for me as well.