Friday, February 24, 2006

Hisayuki Junkie

that i am. anyways, 2 posts in one day, that's a first for me and something i rarely do since 1 post takes so much of my time. so the reason for this is cuz i was lucky enough to get my Amazon Japan order today and decided to do this post now. i also realized i forgot my Cyber Formula theme today. So this will make up for it as well as ADD more to it. Moyism already posted pics of the MaiHiME Hisayuki Artworks, but i'll just add more to it, as well as giving it a review at AnimeonDVD. Let's just say that i'm disappointed w/ the ZHiME selection as well as HiME. I was hoping for some artwork from the cardass as well as production sketches (but those will probably be in a future mook). The awesome swimsuit art of Arika, Nina, Tomoe, Erstin and Irina that i posted is not included and it also doesn't even have the DVD covers that he worked on. So yeah, not a good compilation of Hisayuki HiME/ZHiME IMO. Hopefully there will be another huge artbook compilation when Otome is done which will include the cardass special artwork as well as the dvd covers of both HiME and ZHiME. Anyways, enjoy the pics

The back of Stuff
Booklet sample for vol.2 showing my fave Tomoe
the disc w/ First Press Magnet...X(

Sample shots of the Artworks book:
Sample 1 (this is also a fold out poster included in the book)
Sample 2
Sample 3
Sample 4
The Artworks books contains 3 My-HiME artwork i haven't seen. That's because they are from the upcoming My-HiME Bakuretsu PSP game. The 3 artworks are of Mai (in hero scarf), Natsuki (in open cleavage biker outfit) and Mikoto (w/ Miroku).
Mai exclusive
Natsuki & Mikoto exclusive

The non-HiME artworks. I've seen and have a good majority of the SS CF GPX art, there was only 6 artworks which i've never seen. As for Dendoh, aside from the covers, and 2 spreads, i haven't seen any of the rest. There's also 2 pages of sketches for Dendoh.
Sample 7
Sample 8
Sample 9
Sample 10
Sample 11
Sample 12

and here's my fave race queen from the famitsu campaign whom i also used as my avatar at AoD months ago:
so unbelievably haawwwwt.


Anonymous said...

Talk about boobie overload with the recent posts. That race girl is nice. Nice book too.


bakaboobie said...

R8: heh.. So you're the one they were referring to as 'some guy' in 4chan about those pics.

R8 said...

what? i'm in 4chan? *goes to check*

R8 said...

WTF?! i can't find it. were they using my pics again? what they say?

bakaboobie said...

It was under the 'anime' section. Somebody posted yours and moyism's pics up there. They probably took it down.

R8 said...

yeah, it was taken down when i checked. meh. think this has been the third time somebody has used my pics on those boards. i found them in the hime animesuki forum too.