Thursday, February 16, 2006

Going All the (Separate) Ways

Well, I can say that I'm pretty much done RE 4 for the PS2. After leaving off from Chapter 3 some days ago, i resumed and beat Separate Ways. Again, it was fun to revisit some of the scenes and play thru Ada's path. It was also fun watching Leon fight and trying kill him (he just won't die!) :P. Dug the movies in Ada's story as well, though a lot of it is just the main games scenes. I finished SW in just under 5 hours, 85% HR, 302 kills and 0 deaths. I tried playing using the Chicago Typewriter and using Leon's Gangsta outfit...very cool but gets kinda boring as the CT is just too strong and takes the fun out if it IMO. I finished Assignment Ada a long time ago and that was a cool mini-game, took just under an hour. For Mercenaries, i only unlocked all the characters and didn't bother getting 5 star rankings for the hand cannon cuz i'm not gonna play thru the main game again. I'm not gonna bother w/ the Professional either for the PRL 412. Anyways, great game and had tons of fun w/ it. It'll now sit on my shelf and start collecting dust. Up next...practice in my fighting games and probably DQ8 or Death by Degrees :P.

Been watching the Olympics on and off. I caught the Snowboard Cross this morning. Very cool event. USA dominated once again. Of course, I've been following hockey, Canada wins again. 5-1 against Germany. USA got their win against Kazakhstan after that HUGE upset against Latvia. Speaking of upset, the Swiss had a huge victory against the Czechs and is thus their biggest win ever in the nation's history of hockey. Aebischer played well and surprsingly Vakoun was crap. Maybe Hasek IS the key, yeah right.

On the comic side, Street Fighter 2 #2 Raw Edition shipped yesterday and my comic shop called and told me they have it on hold for me. I think I'll pass on it since I got Street Fighter 2 #1 Raw about 2 weeks ago (and didn't mention it). Tell you the truth, it's not worth it for the price it's going for. Only hardcore SF fans w/ extra money need apply. I'm hardcore but i don't have the extra money. My comic shop is selling it for 20 bucks CDN and most places are selling it for 14-16 bucks US. the paper quality is crap, worse than the original comic and it's thinner (no guest art or rival schools). So you're probably better off spending that money on a meal (like i would), some porn (like i would) or other comic that you might collect (not me as there's no DS or RS right now). I only got SF #1 raw for the amazing Chun Li and Ryu cover. The commentary and seeing the art in it's rough draft are kinda cool but i still can't recommend it for the price. I'll post a pic in the future, i've been holding off cuz i wanted to take a pic of it along w/ my cammy door poster, but that still hasn't arrived WTF!!!

anyways, i'm out...w/ Ada.


bakaboobie said...

ADA = max hawtness + high class + kicks ass. Nothing else.

bakaboobie said...

Oh yeah.. Did you happen to see the opening ceremonies of the Olympics? That shit was weird and needless to say, very f!cked up (listen to the retarded commentaries).

Anonymous said...

RE 4 heroine looks pretty cool

R8 said...

yeah, ada's too awesome...sooo hawt. sadly the PS2 version isn't capable of pulling real time cutscenes like the GC as i really dig her RE2/Mercenaries outfit. i'm definitely looking forward to seeing more of her in a future RE installment. Heh, the game's actually kinda easy w/ her cuz she's so fast. seen the speed runs? XD

@baka: i only got bits and parts of the OP ceremony while at work, some of the stuff and costumes were messed. I usually just want to watch the lighting of the torch cuz that's the coolest/hilight.