Tuesday, February 14, 2006

VDay = Vicious Day

About to head out. Doing the usual, flowers, chocolate and dinner. Reservation was made at my lady friend's fave restaurant. Made the reservation about 2 months ago (!) cuz the place is quite popular and gay :P. I see myself spending at least 100-200 bucks tonight. anyways, official otome valentine pic went up (and i already put up the other one). pretty boring as it's an edited version of an old pic.Some stuff that interest me i want to add: Naruto PSP official site opens today

New Da Vinci Code pics

Lastly, a reminder for the Hisayuki and HiME fans that the Hisayuki Artworks streets tomorrow (or today in JPN). So go grab it if you can. I'll be getting mine when AJ ships out vol.2 of 舞-乙HiME in a week or so.

Today's From the New World pic is another Shania x Johnny (also used for the cover of the JPN version). Man these guys are just meant to be, however....
on a related note there's a new GT video preview of the English version


DiGiKerot said...

I'm glad this post prompted me to check if Amazon were about to ship my Hisayuki goodness (which they are) - I'd forgot I'd ordered ZHiME 2 at Amazon and had ordered it elsewhere as well! ^^;

Oh well, cancelled my Amazon ZHiME 2 and left my other order, which won't ship until next month along with ZHiME 3 and the ZHiME CD's I'm missing.

R8 said...

yeah, i'll be getting ZHiME 3 w/ 4 and possibly 5 if 5 doesn't contain any FP items like 3 & 4. I need to save money and since there's no FP, what they hey? there's no rush.