Sunday, February 12, 2006


having a bit of free time today as i'm done w/ most school work. i finally went back to RE 4 and started Separate Ways. Once again, very fun stuff and cool to see events tie-in together w/ the main game. Watching and hearing Leon fight off the villagers was hilarious. I've been kinda speeding thru the game. I'm currently in the middle of chapter 4 (of 5) and i played for 3 hours (yes that was 1 sitting ^^). I've also been watching the Torino Olympics. Some good stuff for Canada, we got a bronze today in speedskating and the women's hockey team continued to dominate. They raped russia today w/ a 12-0 win. Yesterday they raped italy 16-0! OMG, too funny. Guess only the US will prove to be the challenge here once again. So Canada is at 8th w/ 2 medals at this point and Norway is still leading, w/ 7 medals as of this writing.

Today is gonna be good night for the NHL as we got Ontario rivals going at it once again w/ Ottawa vs. Toronto. Hoping for a raping from Ottawa again.

this is old but i still wanted to share for those who've yet to see. The vanity fair article which CDN Rachel McAdams chickened out of.

also check out the new sister site of JoBlo w/ Movie Hotties, the latest in hottie celeb media. I'm sure ppl have checked out the raunchy Basic Instinct 2 trailer. So moviehotties has some pics of Sharon Stone, the new Milf from esquire magazine. Check 'em out.

Another From the New World pic featuring once again our fave Shania and pedophile victim, Johnny!

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