Thursday, March 30, 2006

Neko-Mimi Mode

Yet again another quick update cuz I gotta get ready to go pick up my g/f. the usual: dinner & movie. Gonna watch the Spike Lee joint, Inside Man, be giving my thoughts on it later. Meanwhile, ep.25 & 26 looks to be rocking and definitely can't wait for the OVAs. Thus, Hisayuki presents Akane today:

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Return to Nothingness

Stolen from 2chan is the latest Megami pic of Arika/Rena (robe) and Nina. very awesome. anyways, megami also notes of a ova for ZHiME. This is hardly surprising as the pacing of My-ZHiME has felt rushed. Anyways, this is good and bad news as I will no doubt shell out more money for the R2s.

So yeah, i've returned as i've been busy lately w/ life. It's the final week of school. next week is also exam month. also been applying for new jobs in the summer in hopes of paying for next year's tuition and some extra side cash for who knows what ^^. March has been a little slow for stuff, which is good in a way. the only thing i received thus far was the OS Natsuki and my R1 order of My-HiME (which i'll probably post in the next couple of days). Yeah, the box is shit but i'm the Godfather and had to get it. April is gonna be crazy as i'm expecting my Max Factory figs, My~ZHiME vol.3 & 4, the Scoop book and the Perfect guide. So yeah, i will be crying once again when my statement comes. Speaking of the Scoop book, floatingbrain on the Suki forums posted shots from it. The Natsuki, Tomoe, Yoko, Chie and Haruka shots are jawesome. Can't wait for it. Too bad his collection is still pretty small compared to mine ^^.

Anyways, that's it for this update, getting back to work & life....

yeah, still need to finish gpx them :P

Friday, March 24, 2006

V for Vega ? (:P)

a quickie, Hisayuki presents Sara/Sala Gallagher from My-Otome. Not as cool as her CF GPX counterpart.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

MAX Boobage

First of all, triple break has finally updated his site w/ a pic of his 'mascot' chick and a pic of Rena and Maya presented above. also of note is that HLJ has shipped my Max Factory package featuring 3 awesome and well endowed babes (hence the title along w/ today's pics :P). These figs are Max Factory Mai from My-HiME, MF Kinu Nishimura Chun Li & Cammy (!!), totalling almost 190 bucks (CDN), not including the 20-30 dollar customs i'll probably be charged. These figs will most likely arrive in 2-4 weeks depeding on my luck as you can tell w/ my OS Natsuki. In case u've forgotten these 3 figs were supposed to be my last figs until the announcement of the Sei figs and MH Rangiku. As mentioned these will most likely be my last figs which will come in May. I am interested in this Natsuki & Mai fig which is based on the CardAss image i posted on my blog twice already. However, like most, i'm not digging the sculpting on the face due to my high standards and thus will be happy not getting them as I AM QUITTING! ^^. Anyways, exam month is coming up and i'm still left w/ assignements, not to mention my addiction to MGS 3 Persistence online!!!

Some anime news: A shakugan no shana movie after the tv series ends!! (i got more news but i can't post on aod due to it being closed)

the big game news today are: Photos of the Revolution
WE 10, Great possibility of Capcom's Studio 8 closing, God of War 2 official announcement, PS3 GDC (2)

And here's my 2nd fave Race Queen (next to famitsu's) from the Road to Infinity games, the Aoi Zip chick!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Natsuki Lovin' loot

This is my recent March purchases. This includes: Orchid Seed Natsuki; Artworks in My-HiME artbook, which wasn't really worth the effort since all the pics are old and i already own, save for the 3 Bakuretsu art in it (though the Hisayuki artbooks already spoiled me of it); American Shadow Hearts 3 From the New World; Mai:HiME Bakuretsu PSP game; Bleach vol.20 HK edition; Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence and SAGA in which i got yesterday. I have some R1 stuff coming (ie. R1 My-HiME ^^) but don't feel like waitin' for it.

OS Natsuki came in today, and it just continues to show how I'm like the greatest Natsuki lover EVAR :P.

Natsuki Box (slightly damaged...fuck)
Natsuki Unopened
Natsuki Base
Natsuki Front
Natsuki Back
Natsuki Looking at U
Natsuki's Ass
Natsuki Stomach

Rest of MGS3 Subsistence:
The 3 Keepcases
the back of the 3 Keepcases

I checked out the Theater Disc (not all) and SAGA yesterday. Good supplementaries. the MGS 4 trailer is on the SAGA disc and Theater Disc. However the Theater Disc is a PS2 DVD ROM and not a DVD Video that I thought it was. So it kinda sucks that you can't fast forward the movie but u can still skip chapters. Is it worth it? Definitely for the MGS fans, otherwise, not worth spending over 50 bucks US for the casual fans.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

V vor Voluptuous & Vivacious

Checked out the much hyped V for Vendetta last night w/ my girlfriend. Both of us enjoyed the movie. I didn't research much about this movie going into it as I didn't want to spoil meself. I knew about this movie though when Portman first shaved her head which raised the media a year ago. that action alone had me hooked and interested. The wachowskis name being added onto the movie didn't do much for me in terms of publicity as I was never a huge fan of the Matrix movies but did enjoy it for its entertainment. I also only saw one of the trailers that didn't tell me so much and didn’t read any reviews. So yeah, i only knew this was based on a comic book and portman was in it. Thinking it was a comic book movie, i was expecting a lot of action, much to my surprise, there isn't. There's about 3 action scenes worth mentioning about and the last one was just poetry in motion. You can see the Wachowskis influence or directing touch in the final battle, then again, McTeigue was assitant director of the matrix movies. The movie reminded me more of Batman Begins w/ a heavier focus on drama and characterization. Portman's Evey is given the most development while V mostly serves as a messenger trying to convey his message throughout the entire movie. He's not given much development aside from what we're given from part of his past. nevertheless, he's still an entertaining character w/ some witty lines and kick ass skills. This is definitely the best movie IMO (in terms of high budget) to come out this year until the other big blockbusters (ie. M:I3, The Da Vinci Code, X3 etc.) come out. Next movie I plan to watch....Thank You for Smoking. That movie looks awesome. I just have to find it since it's a limited release. So I'll end of w/ a pic of Portman. Which V does she stand for? well, that's for you to decide ;).

Hisayuki presents Haruka today who qualifies as both Voluptuous and Vivacious IMO...hawt ^^.
I picked up Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence Limited Edition today. U don't know how big of a deal this is as it wasn't suppose to come to Canada. After reading the gamefaqs forums today, i found out that some places in Canada got the LE after it was said that the LE wasn't coming and preorders were downgraded. So, I went and called EVERY (yes EVERY) EBgames in my city (we don't have gamestop). Only a handful of stores got the LE and the workers themselves were surprised to get it. They were all sold out two days ago (there was like less than 10 in my city including mine). Luckily, one store that I called in the east end of my city (i live in the southwest) had it. So obviously, i rushed there to get it in a matter of half an hour (i was flying on the highway/freeway). Heh, the guy even gave me the Saga DVD which was for preorders only. Yup, that was the hilight of my day. MGS 3 Subsistence LE & Saga DVD for 57 bucks CDN! What's funny was my friend was telling me he's getting it later this week from a guy on ebay (from chicago) for 80 bucks US. He said that he might be able to hook me up w/ the seller since i really wanted it and the fact that i'm not a fan of ebay. Boy did i gloat and laugh at him after getting it today :P ^^.

Lastly, I still haven't forgotten my Cyber Formula theme, been a bit lazy and w/ today's post having quite a few pictures, so i decided to save the pic for next time.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Arabian Night

Slowly recovering this morning. Hisayuki presents Maya recently, which i posted elsewhere.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Luck of the Irish

St.Patty's day is tomorrow, i'll be too hammed to make a post :P. It's gonna be the usual 'drink thru the night'. I think we're starting at 11 tomorrow morning. So yeah, finally have a bit of free time as i got most of my school work done now, however, a couple more assignments just popped up for next week so i'll be busy once again. Who might this chick be? well she's miss ireland and was crowned miss world in 2003, rosanna davison.

I haven't gotten anything lately, 'cept for Eng. SH3 (still unopened) and my Artworks in My-HiME PSP book came in the mail a couple of days ago thanks to my bitching at YesAsia. Still no sign of OS Natsuki, SAL is taking forever :(.

My-Otome 23 was interesting cuz Mai finally shows up. Very enjoyable and had some comedic moments. Yummy fanservice too. Dug Natsuki & Mai (of course), as well as Miyu and Nao (looking very cool w/ her slicked back hair) in the onsen scene. Some interesting revelations pertaining to Miyu and the baby as well as Mikkoto's history. She's the last of the HiME w/ the exact same HiME mark on her arm as she had in MH. Nina offering herself to Sergay is fucked in a tabooish kind of way. i understand her feelings but still... Erstin being alive in the preview was whacked. I mean i was expecting a happy ending similar to MH where everyone will come back to life but so soon?....interesting. Anyways, cool to see more of the connections between both series right now, but cutting it close w/ only 3 episodes left. otome is so much weaker than hime as it's not striking the right balance of story telling and action that made MH awesome. Now we're probably gonna get a bunch of fights that are short and crappy (or maybe even off screen fights) w/ the cooler and undersused meisters coupled w/ story/dialogue during the fights resulting in another rushed (and probably crappy) ending. Oh yeah, i also posted the cover to DVD 4 at AoD

Kingdom Hearts 2 comes out soon, i don't plan to get it anytime soon even after release but for those interested in the voices, u might want to check these vids out featuring some of the FFVII characters (who will have the same VAs in April Advent Children). These vids contains some spoilers so beware: Vid 1, vid 2, vid 3. As i said before i played the original in Japanese. Aside from the non Disney characters, I like Sora's (Haley Joel Osment), Sephiroth's (George Newbern) and Yuffie (Christy Romano) and Axel's voice. Can't say the same for the other FF characters. That doesn't even sound like Mena, not even one bit even if she's in character. Anyways, i'm not digging it.

Lastly here's another hot pic to finish the post, Kathy Ireland (though she's not Irish :P)
have fun and safe st.patrick's day y'all!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Rantings From the Real World

First before my rant, just want to note that this is a spoiler post for Shadow Hearts From the New World as I will present the ending in caps below. Meanwhile enjoy the hottie from the Animate campaign from SSCFGPX.

So yeah, been pretty busy with life as it is. Had 2 assignments and presentation due in the beginning of this month and 2 more presentations and 1 more assignment due w/in the next 2 weeks. I’m stressing out a bit, hence some lack of updates. My CC bill came in recently and I must say, it was a killer for me. Close to $1000 dollars (not including rent and monthly needs)! Yeah, all those purchases and outings and valentine’s day hurt me bad. I seriously need to cut back. So, after some thinking, I’m gonna combine My-Otome vol.3 and the My-Otome Garderobe Gakuen Scoop book w/ vol.4 (after impulsively saying I will ship it right away at AoD). Yeah, the wait’s gonna be a bitch for me, but it’s the most sound and rational decision since I AM just a university student after all.

Speaking of cutbacks, my My-HiME Bakuretsu PSP game came in yesterday along w/ Bleach vol.20 Hong Kong Edition from YesAsia. Too lazy to post pics, I’ll probably post it w/ OS Natsuki whenever that arrives. I didn’t get the Artworks in HiME book as YA is fucking gay w/ initial pressing items. I’ve been bitching them about it. For some relief, Digikerot says it’s all old artwork in which I have already, though I still want, since I’m the Godfather of HiME! So in relation to the game, I bring related HiME /Hisayuki news again. Senretsu , the superior MH PSP game (but still crap) that will contain all the HiMEs and characters (that I had confused and mistaken as secrets in this crap ass game) will include a hidden character. That character is of course Arika Yumemiya. A poster featuring her and Mai will be a FP item that comes with the game. Famitsu reports this and brings you new Hisayuki artwork of Arika and the poster. There ya go!

Didn’t watch the Oscars as I had something due. I realized I always have something due or some midterm during the week of the Oscars. I AM glad that Hoffman and Clooney won. Crash winning was surprising and totally awesome.Weisz was still hot in pregnant form. Alba and Knightley were smoking as usual.

There were 2 episodes of 24 on my channel last night. Fackin’ A. Cuthbert makes her return and is ever so hoot. I still don’t follow the nuances w/ Kim Bauer and her relation w/ her dad and other characters having not seen the previous 4 seasons.

Shadow Hearts 3 From the New World comes out today in NA, though most places won’t be getting it ‘till tomorrow or Thursday. I’ll probably be getting it on wed. Having finished it last week, I’m in no rush to play it again until all things in life are settled. So w/ the arrival of the game, I present the endings of the game ^^. As tradition w/ SH, there’s an epilogue, bad ending and good ending. Getting the endings depend on a fusion w/ Shania. So here’s some spoilers concerning the bad ending. The BE basically starts off w/ Lenny (from SH2) picking up the phone and getting a job. He notifies Johnny and JBoy heads off alone. Then it focuses on Shania standing on top of a building like the beg. of the game. The camera does a 360 pan shot of her hawt body to her face and she opens here eyes…they are red w/ Malice…the end.

The good ending starts off the same but halfway through, Shania walks down the stairs in Johnny’s office. We get to see another nose-bleed inducing pan shot of her body and she basically joins Johnny on his mission. They look at each other while heading out together. This one gives some romantic hints ( not really IMO since JBoy got rejected earlier :P, but I guess it does since that’s the purpose of the ‘look’) and gives a warm fuzzy feelings for the softies. The GE is also 1 min. shorter. So, here are the pics:


The Bad Ending

The Good Ending

And a returning character that i'm waiting to hear in Eng.