Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Return to Nothingness

Stolen from 2chan is the latest Megami pic of Arika/Rena (robe) and Nina. very awesome. anyways, megami also notes of a ova for ZHiME. This is hardly surprising as the pacing of My-ZHiME has felt rushed. Anyways, this is good and bad news as I will no doubt shell out more money for the R2s.

So yeah, i've returned as i've been busy lately w/ life. It's the final week of school. next week is also exam month. also been applying for new jobs in the summer in hopes of paying for next year's tuition and some extra side cash for who knows what ^^. March has been a little slow for stuff, which is good in a way. the only thing i received thus far was the OS Natsuki and my R1 order of My-HiME (which i'll probably post in the next couple of days). Yeah, the box is shit but i'm the Godfather and had to get it. April is gonna be crazy as i'm expecting my Max Factory figs, My~ZHiME vol.3 & 4, the Scoop book and the Perfect guide. So yeah, i will be crying once again when my statement comes. Speaking of the Scoop book, floatingbrain on the Suki forums posted shots from it. The Natsuki, Tomoe, Yoko, Chie and Haruka shots are jawesome. Can't wait for it. Too bad his collection is still pretty small compared to mine ^^.

Anyways, that's it for this update, getting back to work & life....

yeah, still need to finish gpx them :P


bakaboobie said...

Echoing Bubblegum Crisis 2040's ending.

R8 said...

From that pic, yeah. If only they would actually add the full blown nudity that BC 2040 did ^^. Then again they might for the OVAs as ep.25 & 26 were OVAs for BGC.

Nah, they won't.

bakaboobie said...

Y'know.. Arika suddenly got boobs in that pic. Just what happened to her in that chamber before she got the robe..? :D :D