Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Rantings From the Real World

First before my rant, just want to note that this is a spoiler post for Shadow Hearts From the New World as I will present the ending in caps below. Meanwhile enjoy the hottie from the Animate campaign from SSCFGPX.

So yeah, been pretty busy with life as it is. Had 2 assignments and presentation due in the beginning of this month and 2 more presentations and 1 more assignment due w/in the next 2 weeks. I’m stressing out a bit, hence some lack of updates. My CC bill came in recently and I must say, it was a killer for me. Close to $1000 dollars (not including rent and monthly needs)! Yeah, all those purchases and outings and valentine’s day hurt me bad. I seriously need to cut back. So, after some thinking, I’m gonna combine My-Otome vol.3 and the My-Otome Garderobe Gakuen Scoop book w/ vol.4 (after impulsively saying I will ship it right away at AoD). Yeah, the wait’s gonna be a bitch for me, but it’s the most sound and rational decision since I AM just a university student after all.

Speaking of cutbacks, my My-HiME Bakuretsu PSP game came in yesterday along w/ Bleach vol.20 Hong Kong Edition from YesAsia. Too lazy to post pics, I’ll probably post it w/ OS Natsuki whenever that arrives. I didn’t get the Artworks in HiME book as YA is fucking gay w/ initial pressing items. I’ve been bitching them about it. For some relief, Digikerot says it’s all old artwork in which I have already, though I still want, since I’m the Godfather of HiME! So in relation to the game, I bring related HiME /Hisayuki news again. Senretsu , the superior MH PSP game (but still crap) that will contain all the HiMEs and characters (that I had confused and mistaken as secrets in this crap ass game) will include a hidden character. That character is of course Arika Yumemiya. A poster featuring her and Mai will be a FP item that comes with the game. Famitsu reports this and brings you new Hisayuki artwork of Arika and the poster. There ya go!

Didn’t watch the Oscars as I had something due. I realized I always have something due or some midterm during the week of the Oscars. I AM glad that Hoffman and Clooney won. Crash winning was surprising and totally awesome.Weisz was still hot in pregnant form. Alba and Knightley were smoking as usual.

There were 2 episodes of 24 on my channel last night. Fackin’ A. Cuthbert makes her return and is ever so hoot. I still don’t follow the nuances w/ Kim Bauer and her relation w/ her dad and other characters having not seen the previous 4 seasons.

Shadow Hearts 3 From the New World comes out today in NA, though most places won’t be getting it ‘till tomorrow or Thursday. I’ll probably be getting it on wed. Having finished it last week, I’m in no rush to play it again until all things in life are settled. So w/ the arrival of the game, I present the endings of the game ^^. As tradition w/ SH, there’s an epilogue, bad ending and good ending. Getting the endings depend on a fusion w/ Shania. So here’s some spoilers concerning the bad ending. The BE basically starts off w/ Lenny (from SH2) picking up the phone and getting a job. He notifies Johnny and JBoy heads off alone. Then it focuses on Shania standing on top of a building like the beg. of the game. The camera does a 360 pan shot of her hawt body to her face and she opens here eyes…they are red w/ Malice…the end.

The good ending starts off the same but halfway through, Shania walks down the stairs in Johnny’s office. We get to see another nose-bleed inducing pan shot of her body and she basically joins Johnny on his mission. They look at each other while heading out together. This one gives some romantic hints ( not really IMO since JBoy got rejected earlier :P, but I guess it does since that’s the purpose of the ‘look’) and gives a warm fuzzy feelings for the softies. The GE is also 1 min. shorter. So, here are the pics:


The Bad Ending

The Good Ending

And a returning character that i'm waiting to hear in Eng.


DiGiKerot said...

Given all the "crap" comments, I take it you've actually gotten around to playing MH:B? It is rather spectacularly awful, aside from the music, the SD characters on the loading screens, and the fact that the minigames are mildly diverting ^^;

$1000 CC bill? Thats within my normal range, though I suppose I do work full time to afford it. This month is going to be particularly harsh, though, with US Shadow Hearts 3 (Need to play 2 at some point ^^;), US Kingdom Hearts, US Suikoden V, Jp Sakura Taisen I&II, Jp Xenosaga I&II and Jp Negima 3 and two ZHiME DVDs (not to mention a ZHiME CD catch-up order back to OST1).... Then there are R1s....

I thought it was supposed to get _cheaper_ after the X-Mas release period? ^^;

bakaboobie said...

What the..? The bad ending looks more eventful than the good ending.

R8 said...

i played about an hour of it on my friend's psp. i mean it's fun for the HiME fans and my 'crap' comments are mostly due to my hardcore fighting game persona. the one piece games, some budokais and some butodens, ranma 1/2 etc fighting games are all crap, but i still enjoyed cuz i love the show. however, they ARE games where i would play for a week and never return to again unless something invigorated me, like the rewatching the show in R1 perhaps :P (for MH). But yeah, the presentation of the game is sweet, though the graphics are unbelievably crap.

yeah 1000 is huge for me. i usually try to stay under 250/month. hence why i really got get out of this hobby ^^. There's a bunch of games i want this month too, but will most likely wait. This includes Onimusha 4, MGS: Subsistence, KH2. However, I'm only gonna get SH3 this month. by the time i can play KH2, it'll probably be a greatest hits ^^.

@baka: yeah, i actually like the bad ending more and i hope it's the real ending they use if they were to continue the storyline. The story will also be much cooler w/ Shania as a baddie, though i won't be able to use her ;_;.

bakaboobie said...

So did MH PSP have an animated opening like Bleach:HiTS PSP? Or was it more of a reused opening from the anime? Might check at Fry's over the weekend, depending on how the game goes...

R8 said...

@baka: sorry for the late reply, i was getting '403 forbidden' from my own site. anyways, yeah, you do get a anime intro, however it's just a creditless intro of the TV show. There are random animated scenes in story mode, though they're just clips taken straight from the TV show. the story mode is told bascially through screengrabs. The fighting system is really crap (basic & easy) and you'll be tired of it in no time IMO. However, it's enjoyable nonetheless for the MH fans ^^.

Zanza said...

jeebers R8, 1k bill? lol, that is so friggin sweet, my condolences tho, that's a wicked bill ;)

i really should get my blog up and running, my experiment ended last month. get this, Jan and Feb 2006, not a single anime/manga purchase! it was weird seeing my VISA bill come in every month with only like a $4.13 balance XD