Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Kata Ze, Kono Kenka

Been a while since my last update cuz of life. This week is also the last week of school before finals. anyways, title is from one of my fave quotes from Yun in CvS 2. Love the way he says it. Anyways, as some may know, i'm a big fighting game fanatic. Anyways, I've been playing some KOF Maximum Impact (using Lien) cuz KOF Another Day airs very soon I can't get enough of that trailer + song. Also been playing some KOF 2002/2003 on the PS2 cuz I've been watching a lot of KOF XI vids. Can't wait for my arcade to get it so i can finally practice w/ Elisabeth, though Kula and Gato seem to be the more popular choice. Also, Cyberfanatix posted this cool KOF 2k2 Best Cover for the PS2.
I've been also playing some T5.1 (back to Kaz) cuz of the vids of T5 DR that were posted some weeks ago. Lili seems awesome w/ all her cool looking moves. I can't wait to try her, though she'll be a tough character to win in tournaments cuz her moves are sorta slow and she loses on frame advantage. Dragunov is very aweomse though. He's got some good mix ups and awesome grapple/throws. Anyways, if ppl haven't checked it out yet, the official site (linked on the right) has updated. You can see the cool CG images of Armored King and a new Jinpachi. The official arcade cg intro is up for watch. It's pretty cool, especially Lili kicking some blokes ass and the Feng Wei and Lei fight. Wish they showed Asuka in her Oh!Great outfit instead :P. Oh, I didn't see this until today, but some may have already, i thought i was funny....i could definitely go for some shwarma now ^_^. Also Konami has put up this new Rumble Rose XX trailer. The trailer's pretty good showing mostly gameplay and the new tag team feature (w/ bucket loads of fanservice of course). I wish Dixie would put me in the corner and punish me w/ that move :P. One gripe (as noticed by the first trailer way back) is Dixie's weight, she's much more skinny now and I personally found her size perfect in RR. The girls all practically have the same body now and are pretty much like the chicks in DOA.
In Street Fighter news, UDON has mentioned that cuz of Christmas, SF2 #1 was delayed and should be shipped first week of December (meaning Dec 7...hopefully). Dammit, they're always delaying, oh well. The SFZ3↑↑ site has put up a new pic for those who love Capcom's art like I do. Seems like Edayan's work judging from the style. The Magic Box has a got a small but better look at the overall pic.

Lastly you may be wondering why I got Variable Geo up, well first of all it's a hot image and I've always dug Takahiro Kimura's work. Secondly, I actually DID rewatch some Variable Geo recently (hence the theme) but i didn't play my PSone games of it (i'm kinda tempted now ^^). Anyways, I totally recommend getting Risky Dolls for those who haven't already gotten it yet. So here's another VG pic from the book. I'll post more in the future :D.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Double Shuffle Fat Boi

I recently watched my much anticipated HK movie of the year, SPL (Sha Po Lang) and man was it great. The cinematography was very slick like some of the recent HK triad movies (Infernal Affairs). The story is pretty simple in which most of the movie takes place over a night. It's set in '97 before HK was handed over back to China. Anyways, the plot basically follow Simon Yam's character wanting to take down Sammo Hung's character by all means after an incident that leaves him scarred (literally). He's been following him for years but haven't had the chance to take him down and is forced to retire soon. Donnie Yen comes in as the new head of his division to check things out and gets caught up in the mess. I don't feel like explaining more but it's straight forward stuff. There's some good characterization on the short running time w/ the theme being mostly fahter and son/child relationship. It's done pretty well but some might've wanted a bit more, but fuck that, this is mostly a fighting movie. So yeah, the fighting was absolutely amazing, the best I've seen in a long time. There's only about 3 fights in the movie, the one in the middle is short but pretty good. Some good sparring w/ Yen and Hung. Wu Jing does some raping on ppl who can't fight which was good but i didn't count that as a fight since the opposition had no skill. The last 2 fights come in the end. The fight w/ Yen and Wu Jing is the hilight of the movie. Yen fights w/ a nightstick against WJ's knife (his specialty in the movie). This fight is so friggin' fast and the choreography was killer. It's a fight that must be seen and undoubtedly the best fight of any movie this year (incl. TYG's fights). The much anticipated end fight w/ Yen and Hung was kinda disappointing. It starts off w/ some sweet kickboxing (Hung's still amazing at his age) which then leads off to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (or Gracie). I'm sure fans of Gracie dug it, it IS cool but it isn't that interesting to watch on screen IMO. Anyways, the pace of this fight is interrupted by a phone call which brings it down a notch. Yen does display some sweet ass kicks on Hung though. In a real fight w/ Hung back in his prime, there'd be no contest as Hung would definitely whup Yen's ass w/ his size, power and speed (yup, longtime fans know how fast this fat man can move). Oh, I must mention the blood! The blood is some of the best I've seen in action movies, how it's sprayed from various violence is so awesome. yeah, i take notice and attention into detail like that. Watch the blood sprays in Wu Jing's raping, Simon Yam's raid and the Yen vs WJ fight...amazing. Anyways, I definitely recommend it when Weinstein releases this. I'll be picking up the R3 when it's announced.

more Shuffle as ep.19 was way awesome.

since 19 was crazee Kaede, nude pic of the day will be Kaede.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Deal Boys

After the solicitation of Boys Be for R1, I got a little giddy and rewatched some episodes. So, that's sorta the main theme today. God, what a wonderful show, I so love the designs which totally grabbed me 5 years ago. Anyways I've also been watching some Shuffle and really digging it, so here's some bonus shuffling.

here's some adult shuffling of Nerine for the day.

Lastly, I will reveal who blondie is. She's Krisi Ballentine a model and contestant on SI's Model search earlier on in the year ;).

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

It's Fate

I wasn't planning on an update but small update 2day only cuz I finally got to check out Fate/Stay Night Prologue - Curtain Raiser. Awesome promo, wish I had the money and was hardcore enough to shell out the dough to buy the DVD. Living in Can, I also run the risk of customs, so this 20 dollar or so DVD would end up being 30-35 bucks CDN (something like that) for only 4 mins of yummy footage. I'll reveal in my next post who blondie is.

here's some adult pics from ataraxia:
Shirou and Saber cleaning each other
Rin's all ready
Double Whammy w/ Rider and Sakura

Monday, November 21, 2005

Fast Chicks and Silver Locks

Almost everyone's fave female in TenTen, Natsume Maya. An edited pic of the coloured insert in vol.11. If you want to see her nip, HERE ^^. Anyways, kinda big post 2day since I didn't make any updates over the weekend. To start things off, I recently made a small YesAsia order and had much debate about whether adding the new Tenjho Tenge vol.14 tank that was released some days ago. I mainly want to get cuz it's a Maya volume, and for those who haven't seen the cover, here it is in beautiful glorious form (courtesy of Natsume Maya). It's nice but definitely not the best Maya cover, Mitsuomi's presence is kinda fitting and kinda not if you get my drift. Anyways, I decided not to get it and keep it tradition by waiting 3 months for the HK version and saving a bit of cash. So, instead I opted to get the R3 (my first) Future GPX Cyber Formula OVA Sin set. I'm little sketchy but whatever. I only know a minimal amt. of the huge Cyber Formula series, but some may know I've become a huge Hisayuki fan. I plan to get Saga sometime in the future.

on a small game news note, it's been rumored that the Treasure Bleach DS game might be online, here's the link. The article is in French (which i can understand) but they have a direct babelfish link which i think gets the message across (i don't know, i never used babel for french).

Lastly, I just want to add this chick since it's been a while since I put a real hottie on the site. She's an easy one as some may recall seeing her early on in the year.

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Picked DQ VIII up yesterday and played a good deal out of it yesterday and today. Also played the FFXII demo which was very awesome. The JPN voices sound good and wish it would be kept but obviously not. Fran's very hawt and awesome. She wasn't anything special in the demo as all she had was white and time magic, still i used her as my leader most of the time. Anyways, I"m liking the battle system even though i 'm not use to it yet. So here are the pics (i didn't feel like posting them on the page, as this post takes too much space anyways :P)

DQ VIII, manual and box
FFXII demo and manual
My VJump 'guide' that i bought months ago and posted on AoD

and here are the reasons to play this game, the lovely Jessica
Sample outift
Sample outfit 2

The following pic is at fabio's request. I've had this pic for almost a year now and took me a while to find it thru my BIG my hime pic folder.

lastly i just want to show this school rumble ova screenshot posted on the official site (which did a brief update saying that it's a bathouse episode...duh). Anyways, I better get the FP AJ or I'll be pissed.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

First Day of Snow

Well, I'm dead tired after working on my 32 page term paper for 3 straight days plus mostly all day yesterday and this morning -_-. With that finally done, I'm debating on picking up DQVIII today or sleeping. My local EB is holding the game for me currently so I'm not in a rush. Therefore, I'll most likely have a Dragon Quest update tomorrow, meanwhile, today snowed for the first time since Feb-March and boy is the weather cold and shitty today. Anyways, Natsuki, Mai and Mikoto dig it.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

I can't wait for School!

Weekends are slow on news, so not much news i want to make. maybe some old movie news that some may not follow too keenly. First up, Sha Po Lang (SPL), the HK movie starring Donnie Yen, Sammo Hung, Simon Yam and Wu Jing has been licensed by the Weinstein company for release in NA, UK and Ireland. This movie is easily the most anticiapted HK movie for me. It will finally be released in HK theaters on Nov.18. 2nd, I found out that Tony Ching Siu-tung (action director of many HK sword wire-fu movies w/ his last one being House of Flying Daggers) is attached to the Dungeon Siege movie. It looks kinda meh, but i like Statham and Liotta. Last but not least, Jet Li's biopic of Fok Yun Gap (fok-yoon-gap)/Huo Yuan Jia (aka Fearless) has opened it's official English site some days ago w/ a very cool teaser.

And the reason why I got a School Rumble pic today is mainly cuz of last week's announcement of the 舞-乙HiME DVD 1. With it, I had to change my AJ order around and combine the SR OVA w/ it to save money. So I'll have to wait until January to watch the goodness of Yakumo, Mikoto and Itoko in pristine quality :(. So for now, i'll just stare at this pic to cheer me up ^_^.

last minute edit: i just found out that Orchid Seed is releasing the completed version of the Natsuki kit (same pose as the one in the MH FG Idol Mook)that they had a while ago for this December. It's available for preorder at HLJ. Being a great Natsuki whore, it's a must for me. This will no doubt be my most expensive fig. I know I should get the Mai one too, but I really can't afford her *sniff sniff*. December's gonna be great Natsuki goodness as I got the GS one too.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Bird Watching

Heh, i like my title, if you get it. Yeah, gotta work early tomorrow morning, so staying in on a Fri. Night -_-. Anyways, this is what I basically got this week. EB was selling Death By Degrees brand new for 4.98 CDN (don't let the tag fool you), so I decided what the hey, it's got nice CG movies despite being a pretty mediocre game w/ shitty loading times. Being shitty, makes sense they want to get rid of of it and clear some space. I also got a 2nd copy of DBZ Budokai 3 at EB, but this time I got the LE edition since I didn't think it was worth it when it came out, costing IIRC an xtra 20 bucks. Yup, I made the right choice as the bonus DVD is quite boring, though the Chibi Broly is cool. The reason I got this was because it cost me 9.98 CDN brand new. So i traded in my old copy (shown) yesterday at Blockbuster and they gave me $20 in credit, so woot, an xtra 10 bucks. I plan to get the new GH version w/ a different cover (based on the JPN B3) that i mentioned about before cuz of the JPN voices and added skins/appearances. Yeah, while I was at EB i finally preordered DQVIII. Since i live in Canada, i didn't qualify for the free demo, so I was surprised to get the demo when i preordered. Spent quite a bit of time on it too. the game is just too awesome, Jessica is too awesome.

the next order was a small amazon order. finally picked up the Son Goku vs. Vegeta (Round 2) DVD (Babidi-Rivals) and repurchased FF Chronicles cuz my fucking idiot of a friend wrecked my old one, so basically, he bought it. Had to settle for the GH version, meh, like i care as i got the original SNES version :P ;).

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

"You shall shed Tears of Scarlet"

ahh...yes, probably my fave quote from CB by Vicious. Anyways, today's game news day. Some is old some is new. Obviously, w/ the title, i got to kick start w/ the official Atlus Magna Carta: Tears of Blood site. The site went up some days ago and is very cool. It kicks most NA video game site's ass but it's not as good as it's Korean or Japanese counterparts. You can download the some cool artwork in wallpaper form, they also got the Eng. voice of Calintz and Reith up for download. Some of the character voices are up in the Character section, too bad Lehas' (who's my fave) voice isn't up, at least hottie Eonis' is. They also got the intro movie, promo and various other movies up. You can download a HD version at Game Trailers though. The game is coming out next week, but so is DQ VIII, since I'm a Toriyama (and DQ) fan, it's obviously DQ VIII first. Speaking of DQ 8, I just recently got the demo since I don't have the luxury of getting it free from SE as I don't reside in the US, though I did get it free from pre-ordering. Also of note, Game Trailers has the 2nd US trailer for download. So yeah, I'm hoping to get MC: ToB for Xmas and if not sometime in the new year.

2nd news: new shots of the ojousama *cough* Karin Kanzaki *cough* Lili, Dragunov and Armored King in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection. Yes, AK is back for those who didn't know. News of this was made weeks ago as the game is being (and still is) test played in the Chicago area (as well as JPN locations of course)!! I obviously can't wait for this and look forward to trying Lili and Dragunov out cuz they look pretty sick from the vids, but i mostly want to try Lili cuz she's sexy :P.

Next news i want to make is that Shin Onimusha Dawn of Dreams has been given a release date in JPN, January 26 2006. It will be going up against FF7 Dirge of Cerberus apparently. I don't care much for DoC but will no doubt end up getting it when it's cheap cuz of a)the graphics and CG are nice b)Yuffie and other new hotties and c)it's FF-related. Anyways, Capcom also announced that mega JPOP star Hamasaki Ayumi will be contributing to the intro and ending credits of the game. I like Ayu's stuff, so that's a plus for me. Though, I don't see much of a chance of both songs being retained for the US (which hasn't been given a date yet, i'm guessing May like Oni 3 or March at earliest). This also kinda coincides w/ her new album which is to be released sometime in January as well. The album is currently untitled. It's most likely the two tracks (Startin, Rainy Day) will be on it cuz I'll be pissed if I have to get the singles. The news of a DVD/UMD movie based on the game sounds sweet too. Kaneshiro aka Samanouske is also currently titled to play Jin in the Tekken movie...I'm neither sad nor happy. (translation news: 1up)

Last news of the day would be DOA 4 being delayed until sometime in December as it's not ready for launch. I swear I saw this coming. Not like I care though since I'm not getting a 360 anytime soon and since I'm no DOA fan. I do enjoy it's polygonal boobs when I'm playing it drunk w/ friends. Yeah, it's gonna come out about the same time as the JPN release now.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


it's been reported that the 40 page vol.1 has gone to printing as of yesterday. Expect the comic in 1-2 weeks! So can't wait! Here's the covers to issue 2 if you haven't seen it already.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Slumber Party...truth or dare?

nothing much today. I finally preordered the Max Factory Mai HiME fig of Mai from HLJ (along w/ the Chun Li) after shopping around for better prices. So yeah, here's a yummy new 舞-乙HiME pic. Heh, i just realized I haven't posted any HiME related pics, being such a fanatic of the show ^^. I plan to have some UDON news tomorrow.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Cheers fab!

just a quick update b4 i leave and a bit of a celebration for fabio's happy news (but mostly cuz i don't have much new news today :P). I offer you 3 main dosage of boobies which include anime, games and real. The JPN chick is Reon and I've been a fan of hers for awhile now. Below are some more pics to get you into loving her like I do ^^. Should check out her vids too! (she doesn't do porn...yet XD).

and here's some more risque and ADULT pics for ya ;):
Reon teasing

Reon in the full nude

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Kyou wa Kinu

a play on japanese for the title. Hopefully you got the meaning :). Though it's black and white the Nishimura Kinu Chun Li is perhaps my favourite of hers in both the Capcom Design Works and Eternal Challenge. Anyways, didn't have to time to post yesterday as the gf came over. So my discovery was two Capcom Nishimura Kinu collection figs that i bought some weeks ago. I was cleaning my closet (my room is still kinda messy) and i found these 2 beautiful figs which i had my comic shop put on hold for me. I could 've gotten the rest of the set but i wasn't really interested in the characters except for Jin Saotome (from cyberbots & Marvel vs. Capcom series) and Devilot (also from Cyberbots). Also cuz most of the rest are lolis :P. If the male character was Ryu, Ken or Fei Long, i would've surely gotten it. So instead I opted out for the SF figs cuz of I obviously love Chun Li and Ibuki is a rarity. To get a better look at the other figs, you can check'em out at Yamato USA. Just want to note for those who have a panty fetish, Effie and Tiara do show their panties (no devilot, sorry). Also for those who don't know, Effie is from SF 3 and is a NPC related to Necro while Tiara is from a JPN only PSX game called Gaia Master which Nishimura did character designs on. Yeah, i'm a big Nishimura Kinu fan, she's undoubtedly my fave Capcom artist ever, with Bengus, CRMK and Akiman following (in order). Her work on War of the Grail looks awesome. Also of note was that i pre-ordered the Max Factory Nishimura Cammy from HLJ just before the deadline of the Earlybird special (link). As much as i want the Kaiyodo Cammy, i don't think i can swallow shelling out that much cash for a fig, rather spend it something else. The MF Kinu Sakura one looks nice but I'm not a fan of hers (link). HLJ has just put up the MF Kinu Chun Li which i've been waiting for as well (link). I'll see if YesAsia is cheaper whenever they get it up before finally deciding on HLJ. Also, the MF Tokiha Mai in hero scarf is up (link). It's an obvious no brainer for me to get, seeing how such a huge fan i am and it will go perfectly w/ the GSC Natsuki one that I'll be getting.

Anyways, here's some pics of the figs, enjoy ;).

and the requisite panty shot :D.

as you can read by the pic, all the figs come w/ a drawing sheet by Kinu-san. I just didn't take one of Ibuki's.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Two Piece

Well, the news i want to make right now is that the official One Piece movie 7, "Karakuri Shiro no Mecha" site is up. There's also two teasers up for viewing. Nothing special really, only a little bit of new footage. Anyways, i'm a little down about the style cuz i loved movie 6's art and animation style and was hoping it would be used once more. Oh well, this does keep it consistent w/ the other movies and the tv series again. I'll be back later as i made a discovery today, but first i gotta rewatch Star Wars episode III. So, I'll leave off w/ this hot pic where Nami wants Robin to come back....and so do I!! I wuv you Robin...plz come back ;_;. yeah, Water 7 arc is just amazing, though i'm way behind in the manga.