Monday, November 21, 2005

Fast Chicks and Silver Locks

Almost everyone's fave female in TenTen, Natsume Maya. An edited pic of the coloured insert in vol.11. If you want to see her nip, HERE ^^. Anyways, kinda big post 2day since I didn't make any updates over the weekend. To start things off, I recently made a small YesAsia order and had much debate about whether adding the new Tenjho Tenge vol.14 tank that was released some days ago. I mainly want to get cuz it's a Maya volume, and for those who haven't seen the cover, here it is in beautiful glorious form (courtesy of Natsume Maya). It's nice but definitely not the best Maya cover, Mitsuomi's presence is kinda fitting and kinda not if you get my drift. Anyways, I decided not to get it and keep it tradition by waiting 3 months for the HK version and saving a bit of cash. So, instead I opted to get the R3 (my first) Future GPX Cyber Formula OVA Sin set. I'm little sketchy but whatever. I only know a minimal amt. of the huge Cyber Formula series, but some may know I've become a huge Hisayuki fan. I plan to get Saga sometime in the future.

on a small game news note, it's been rumored that the Treasure Bleach DS game might be online, here's the link. The article is in French (which i can understand) but they have a direct babelfish link which i think gets the message across (i don't know, i never used babel for french).

Lastly, I just want to add this chick since it's been a while since I put a real hottie on the site. She's an easy one as some may recall seeing her early on in the year.


Zanza said...

yummmm, Oh! Great art *thumbs up*

anyway, i'm growing increasing frustrated at myself that i can never guess these women! i mean, am I not reading the right magazines!?!?!

gah, she looks pretty though... watch me crotch myself when you tell me who it is x_x

R8 said...

yesh, oh!great is gureato :D. also, i noticed i forgot to link the TenTen 14 cover (which i have fixed now).

As for the girl, heh, no sweat, she isn't that popular but was featured on a TV show earlier in the year.