Saturday, November 05, 2005

Cheers fab!

just a quick update b4 i leave and a bit of a celebration for fabio's happy news (but mostly cuz i don't have much new news today :P). I offer you 3 main dosage of boobies which include anime, games and real. The JPN chick is Reon and I've been a fan of hers for awhile now. Below are some more pics to get you into loving her like I do ^^. Should check out her vids too! (she doesn't do porn...yet XD).

and here's some more risque and ADULT pics for ya ;):
Reon teasing

Reon in the full nude


Zanza said...

heh, Reon Kadena eh? thank goodness you said who she was, i thought you somehow got pics of Fabio's fiancee! i was like, huh?

anyway, congrats to Fabio, an otaku among otaku. hopefully his new wife's nono clause against hentai will not stop him...

Fabio: To the hentai cave!!! XD

fabio said...

Thanks man, I appreciate the congrats along with the babe-tastic update too!