Friday, November 11, 2005

Bird Watching

Heh, i like my title, if you get it. Yeah, gotta work early tomorrow morning, so staying in on a Fri. Night -_-. Anyways, this is what I basically got this week. EB was selling Death By Degrees brand new for 4.98 CDN (don't let the tag fool you), so I decided what the hey, it's got nice CG movies despite being a pretty mediocre game w/ shitty loading times. Being shitty, makes sense they want to get rid of of it and clear some space. I also got a 2nd copy of DBZ Budokai 3 at EB, but this time I got the LE edition since I didn't think it was worth it when it came out, costing IIRC an xtra 20 bucks. Yup, I made the right choice as the bonus DVD is quite boring, though the Chibi Broly is cool. The reason I got this was because it cost me 9.98 CDN brand new. So i traded in my old copy (shown) yesterday at Blockbuster and they gave me $20 in credit, so woot, an xtra 10 bucks. I plan to get the new GH version w/ a different cover (based on the JPN B3) that i mentioned about before cuz of the JPN voices and added skins/appearances. Yeah, while I was at EB i finally preordered DQVIII. Since i live in Canada, i didn't qualify for the free demo, so I was surprised to get the demo when i preordered. Spent quite a bit of time on it too. the game is just too awesome, Jessica is too awesome.

the next order was a small amazon order. finally picked up the Son Goku vs. Vegeta (Round 2) DVD (Babidi-Rivals) and repurchased FF Chronicles cuz my fucking idiot of a friend wrecked my old one, so basically, he bought it. Had to settle for the GH version, meh, like i care as i got the original SNES version :P ;).


bakaboobie said...

There's been some promotion ads on TV for DQ already. Though as usual, it had absolutely nothing to do with the game.

I'm not sure if I'll be picking up the game just yet.

R8 said...

yeah, i saw one of those ads recently, the same one ign had a week ago. the one w/ the tentacles spreading all over the US and the guy saying how "it has already took over japan" or something along those lines.

Well, another reason to pick up the game is for the FFXII demo. Kinda like how most ppl bought Z.O.E. for the MGS2 demo :P. Though, that of course won't be the case w/ me :), but i will no doubt be looking forward to the demo.

fabio said...

I found DbD to be a decent game, though the control setup was a bit lame and the the load times annoying. More Nina is always good, and the jiggle factor was also appreciated. The critical hits were always fun to perform, and when you get your abilities powered up and have a bunch of bottled waters on hand it's fun to unleash a bunch in a row, especially on bosses. I played through it over the course of a week and thought it was definitely worth the $15 US.

R8 said...

yeah i gave DbD a short try, awesome CG intro btw (so for 5 bucks, that's a steal). Controls are meh, never dug the Rise to Honor style. Loading times are indeed shitty like most mentioned. But yeah, it doesn't seem too bad as the graphics are pretty nice, especially the backgrounds, though Nina's face in real time is kinda ugly. Bottled waters? WTF? i guess those heal you? Anyways, i heard it's kinda long (16-20 depending), so I'll give it a try when i find the time. thanx for the opinion!