Saturday, November 26, 2005

Double Shuffle Fat Boi

I recently watched my much anticipated HK movie of the year, SPL (Sha Po Lang) and man was it great. The cinematography was very slick like some of the recent HK triad movies (Infernal Affairs). The story is pretty simple in which most of the movie takes place over a night. It's set in '97 before HK was handed over back to China. Anyways, the plot basically follow Simon Yam's character wanting to take down Sammo Hung's character by all means after an incident that leaves him scarred (literally). He's been following him for years but haven't had the chance to take him down and is forced to retire soon. Donnie Yen comes in as the new head of his division to check things out and gets caught up in the mess. I don't feel like explaining more but it's straight forward stuff. There's some good characterization on the short running time w/ the theme being mostly fahter and son/child relationship. It's done pretty well but some might've wanted a bit more, but fuck that, this is mostly a fighting movie. So yeah, the fighting was absolutely amazing, the best I've seen in a long time. There's only about 3 fights in the movie, the one in the middle is short but pretty good. Some good sparring w/ Yen and Hung. Wu Jing does some raping on ppl who can't fight which was good but i didn't count that as a fight since the opposition had no skill. The last 2 fights come in the end. The fight w/ Yen and Wu Jing is the hilight of the movie. Yen fights w/ a nightstick against WJ's knife (his specialty in the movie). This fight is so friggin' fast and the choreography was killer. It's a fight that must be seen and undoubtedly the best fight of any movie this year (incl. TYG's fights). The much anticipated end fight w/ Yen and Hung was kinda disappointing. It starts off w/ some sweet kickboxing (Hung's still amazing at his age) which then leads off to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (or Gracie). I'm sure fans of Gracie dug it, it IS cool but it isn't that interesting to watch on screen IMO. Anyways, the pace of this fight is interrupted by a phone call which brings it down a notch. Yen does display some sweet ass kicks on Hung though. In a real fight w/ Hung back in his prime, there'd be no contest as Hung would definitely whup Yen's ass w/ his size, power and speed (yup, longtime fans know how fast this fat man can move). Oh, I must mention the blood! The blood is some of the best I've seen in action movies, how it's sprayed from various violence is so awesome. yeah, i take notice and attention into detail like that. Watch the blood sprays in Wu Jing's raping, Simon Yam's raid and the Yen vs WJ fight...amazing. Anyways, I definitely recommend it when Weinstein releases this. I'll be picking up the R3 when it's announced.

more Shuffle as ep.19 was way awesome.

since 19 was crazee Kaede, nude pic of the day will be Kaede.


Peter said...

For newer anime, do you watch raws or fansubs?

R8 said...

i mostly watch raws now. however, i've cut down a lot on anime watching. i go thru more hentais than anime :P.

peter said...

How much Japanese to know then? And how long have you understood it? I'm learning Japanese on my own, slowly. But I don't think I would be able to watch a raw and full understand what is being said.

R8 said...

I don't know that much, i'm still learning in University. I'm on my way in getting a minor. I understand more Japanese from listening and reading. I can't speak or write for shit. Though, i've been improving thanks to my language partners.

As for raws, i watch it and see what i can make of it, if i don't understand, i'll just hit one of the many anime blog sites where ppl do extensive summaries (which i could never do).