Thursday, November 17, 2005


Picked DQ VIII up yesterday and played a good deal out of it yesterday and today. Also played the FFXII demo which was very awesome. The JPN voices sound good and wish it would be kept but obviously not. Fran's very hawt and awesome. She wasn't anything special in the demo as all she had was white and time magic, still i used her as my leader most of the time. Anyways, I"m liking the battle system even though i 'm not use to it yet. So here are the pics (i didn't feel like posting them on the page, as this post takes too much space anyways :P)

DQ VIII, manual and box
FFXII demo and manual
My VJump 'guide' that i bought months ago and posted on AoD

and here are the reasons to play this game, the lovely Jessica
Sample outift
Sample outfit 2

The following pic is at fabio's request. I've had this pic for almost a year now and took me a while to find it thru my BIG my hime pic folder.

lastly i just want to show this school rumble ova screenshot posted on the official site (which did a brief update saying that it's a bathouse episode...duh). Anyways, I better get the FP AJ or I'll be pissed.


fabio said...

Sweet update, and thanks for the Mai pic as well. I've been tied up with Soul Calibur III as of late, and being the completist I am I've been trying to unlock every last thing in it. Hopefully by the time I make a little headway in my gaming backlog DQVIII will drop in price, but then again being a S-E game that'll probably take a while.

Playboy19 said...

R8 my friend, you have just convinced me to purchase DQVII. That costume is too hot to pass up!

R8 said...

fabio: yeah,i mainly unlocked all the characters and the special character creation items (Kos-Mos, Valkyrie). I need to replay CotS to get more money and finish up buying everything. Haven't played any Mission Mode games (don't think i will either).

playboy19: yeah, it's a great game if you dig the traditional types. I'm loving it. I'm not really digging Jessica's voice though. Seems a bit too mature and 'old' for her character. Too deep. But yeah, she's awesome. There's a bunch more yummy outfits (like bunny), i just posted the sexiest ones ^^. Thinking about getting the Kotobukiya PVC figs. Jessica's definitely on the list and maybe Hero.

Zanza said...

oooo, body pillow scans!

i think we talked about this before on Fabio's blog but, i think having a body pillow would be kinda cool. not for the weird/gross reasons but, just for something to put on your bed to decorate it ^.^