Wednesday, November 09, 2005

"You shall shed Tears of Scarlet"

ahh...yes, probably my fave quote from CB by Vicious. Anyways, today's game news day. Some is old some is new. Obviously, w/ the title, i got to kick start w/ the official Atlus Magna Carta: Tears of Blood site. The site went up some days ago and is very cool. It kicks most NA video game site's ass but it's not as good as it's Korean or Japanese counterparts. You can download the some cool artwork in wallpaper form, they also got the Eng. voice of Calintz and Reith up for download. Some of the character voices are up in the Character section, too bad Lehas' (who's my fave) voice isn't up, at least hottie Eonis' is. They also got the intro movie, promo and various other movies up. You can download a HD version at Game Trailers though. The game is coming out next week, but so is DQ VIII, since I'm a Toriyama (and DQ) fan, it's obviously DQ VIII first. Speaking of DQ 8, I just recently got the demo since I don't have the luxury of getting it free from SE as I don't reside in the US, though I did get it free from pre-ordering. Also of note, Game Trailers has the 2nd US trailer for download. So yeah, I'm hoping to get MC: ToB for Xmas and if not sometime in the new year.

2nd news: new shots of the ojousama *cough* Karin Kanzaki *cough* Lili, Dragunov and Armored King in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection. Yes, AK is back for those who didn't know. News of this was made weeks ago as the game is being (and still is) test played in the Chicago area (as well as JPN locations of course)!! I obviously can't wait for this and look forward to trying Lili and Dragunov out cuz they look pretty sick from the vids, but i mostly want to try Lili cuz she's sexy :P.

Next news i want to make is that Shin Onimusha Dawn of Dreams has been given a release date in JPN, January 26 2006. It will be going up against FF7 Dirge of Cerberus apparently. I don't care much for DoC but will no doubt end up getting it when it's cheap cuz of a)the graphics and CG are nice b)Yuffie and other new hotties and c)it's FF-related. Anyways, Capcom also announced that mega JPOP star Hamasaki Ayumi will be contributing to the intro and ending credits of the game. I like Ayu's stuff, so that's a plus for me. Though, I don't see much of a chance of both songs being retained for the US (which hasn't been given a date yet, i'm guessing May like Oni 3 or March at earliest). This also kinda coincides w/ her new album which is to be released sometime in January as well. The album is currently untitled. It's most likely the two tracks (Startin, Rainy Day) will be on it cuz I'll be pissed if I have to get the singles. The news of a DVD/UMD movie based on the game sounds sweet too. Kaneshiro aka Samanouske is also currently titled to play Jin in the Tekken movie...I'm neither sad nor happy. (translation news: 1up)

Last news of the day would be DOA 4 being delayed until sometime in December as it's not ready for launch. I swear I saw this coming. Not like I care though since I'm not getting a 360 anytime soon and since I'm no DOA fan. I do enjoy it's polygonal boobs when I'm playing it drunk w/ friends. Yeah, it's gonna come out about the same time as the JPN release now.


Anonymous said...

Nice shot of Magna Carta. The new characters do look interesting in Tekken. They've got some fast speed, especially Dragunov. I am a little bummed about DOA 4 being delayed as I was looking forward to that at launch.

Angelssin said...

Also one of my fave quotes by Vicious, CB being in my top fave anime list. I am actually looking forward to DoA since is my favourite fighting game, and not just for the girls...thats just a nice bonus...i wasnt in time for the 360 pre orders either :(

R8 said...

well, i don't really mind DoA that much. The previous games just lack depth as it's SUPER button masher friendly. however, changes in this game sound pretty good, most notably the small counter window. the backgrounds look nice but it's stupid if i have to worry about cars when i'm fighting. anyways, the main thing i have against DoA is mostly, Itagaki. That guy is just full of himself that it cracks me up and sometimes pisses me off when he tries to diss the competition. of course, he disses them cuz he knows he sucks and his game can't compare.