Thursday, November 24, 2005

Deal Boys

After the solicitation of Boys Be for R1, I got a little giddy and rewatched some episodes. So, that's sorta the main theme today. God, what a wonderful show, I so love the designs which totally grabbed me 5 years ago. Anyways I've also been watching some Shuffle and really digging it, so here's some bonus shuffling.

here's some adult shuffling of Nerine for the day.

Lastly, I will reveal who blondie is. She's Krisi Ballentine a model and contestant on SI's Model search earlier on in the year ;).


Anonymous said...

Wow, those Boys Be chicks look hot. How is the show?

R8 said...

it's sorta like kimi ga nozomu eien but i like BB much more. it's basically a teen drama/romance, kinda like dawson's creek as things happen in a relationship which causes viewers to feel divided. I don't want to explain anymore w/out spoiling but you root for certain relationships. so in that sense, it's kind of a chick anime series, but appeals to both like DC, depending (yeah i dug DC for the 1st 2 seasons and half of the 2nd last season....shuddap). For that reason, i watched it w/ my old gf (i mader her) and she dug it too.