Tuesday, November 22, 2005

It's Fate

I wasn't planning on an update but small update 2day only cuz I finally got to check out Fate/Stay Night Prologue - Curtain Raiser. Awesome promo, wish I had the money and was hardcore enough to shell out the dough to buy the DVD. Living in Can, I also run the risk of customs, so this 20 dollar or so DVD would end up being 30-35 bucks CDN (something like that) for only 4 mins of yummy footage. I'll reveal in my next post who blondie is.

here's some adult pics from ataraxia:
Shirou and Saber cleaning each other
Rin's all ready
Double Whammy w/ Rider and Sakura


DiGiKerot said...

My copy of the DVD shipped from Japan last night. My expectations for this show are massive despite the fact that the director hasn't really done anything to prove himself to me. In fact, I'm probably looking forward to this more than I was looking forward to seeing Zeta HiME ^^;

R8 said...

i'm only a casual fan of the game, so yeah i'm looking forward to it but not as crazy as most fate fans. I just hope the animation will be consistent throughout as the animation here really hyped me up. But yeah, obviously nothing beats ZHiME for me so far but it is no doubt the most anticipated for next year from all the shows that are already announced.