Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Kata Ze, Kono Kenka

Been a while since my last update cuz of life. This week is also the last week of school before finals. anyways, title is from one of my fave quotes from Yun in CvS 2. Love the way he says it. Anyways, as some may know, i'm a big fighting game fanatic. Anyways, I've been playing some KOF Maximum Impact (using Lien) cuz KOF Another Day airs very soon I can't get enough of that trailer + song. Also been playing some KOF 2002/2003 on the PS2 cuz I've been watching a lot of KOF XI vids. Can't wait for my arcade to get it so i can finally practice w/ Elisabeth, though Kula and Gato seem to be the more popular choice. Also, Cyberfanatix posted this cool KOF 2k2 Best Cover for the PS2.
I've been also playing some T5.1 (back to Kaz) cuz of the vids of T5 DR that were posted some weeks ago. Lili seems awesome w/ all her cool looking moves. I can't wait to try her, though she'll be a tough character to win in tournaments cuz her moves are sorta slow and she loses on frame advantage. Dragunov is very aweomse though. He's got some good mix ups and awesome grapple/throws. Anyways, if ppl haven't checked it out yet, the official site (linked on the right) has updated. You can see the cool CG images of Armored King and a new Jinpachi. The official arcade cg intro is up for watch. It's pretty cool, especially Lili kicking some blokes ass and the Feng Wei and Lei fight. Wish they showed Asuka in her Oh!Great outfit instead :P. Oh, I didn't see this until today, but some may have already, i thought i was funny....i could definitely go for some shwarma now ^_^. Also Konami has put up this new Rumble Rose XX trailer. The trailer's pretty good showing mostly gameplay and the new tag team feature (w/ bucket loads of fanservice of course). I wish Dixie would put me in the corner and punish me w/ that move :P. One gripe (as noticed by the first trailer way back) is Dixie's weight, she's much more skinny now and I personally found her size perfect in RR. The girls all practically have the same body now and are pretty much like the chicks in DOA.
In Street Fighter news, UDON has mentioned that cuz of Christmas, SF2 #1 was delayed and should be shipped first week of December (meaning Dec 7...hopefully). Dammit, they're always delaying, oh well. The SFZ3↑↑ site has put up a new pic for those who love Capcom's art like I do. Seems like Edayan's work judging from the style. The Magic Box has a got a small but better look at the overall pic.

Lastly you may be wondering why I got Variable Geo up, well first of all it's a hot image and I've always dug Takahiro Kimura's work. Secondly, I actually DID rewatch some Variable Geo recently (hence the theme) but i didn't play my PSone games of it (i'm kinda tempted now ^^). Anyways, I totally recommend getting Risky Dolls for those who haven't already gotten it yet. So here's another VG pic from the book. I'll post more in the future :D.

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Anonymous said...

That Soul Calibur 3 commercial was kinda funny. Nice pics too, however, I have never seen Variable Geo.