Friday, December 02, 2005

Dance 4 Me

Dance is the key word for this post. Anyways, King of Fighters Another Day Chapter 1 - All Out aired today. It's available for free streaming at Showtime which is the first place that airs Chapter 1. Other stations will them later. Anyways, I already can't wait for the DVD as ep.1 was just sick. It's about 7 mins long of actual footage and story was rather simple. Basically we see Alba and Soiree's peaceful 'gang' life in Southtown. Alba brings girl home; there's a fire at the girl's home later that night; Soiree goes to see, he saves girl but Alba is nowhere in sight; Iori, Mai and Athena happen to be in the neighbourhood; Iori notices a suspicious green light in the construction rooftop (which the trailer showed to be setups for more fights) and pushes down little girl; Mai goes WTF and Soiree goes HEY; w/out saying a word he punches Soiree in da face (SO FUCKING COOL!) and they go at it (Iori was hesitant on his powers and didn't bother to use it); They pull off signature and stylish (from MI) moves w/ Iori using dark crescent slice and Soiree using his DOA thrashing, Big Mittwoch which Iori blocks but still pushes him back (Soiree never lands a hit...obviously); stupid little girl comes; Athena saves 'em from debris and Mai pulls a Ryu en bu that breaks the debris on top and supposedly takes out the fire (WTF :P) and the chruch where the fight happened is in ruins the next morning. Mai asks what Athena was doing in town, Athena goes SHEEEAT, she had a concert last night, both leave; Alba shows up w/ two kitties; Soiree is glad everyone's safe and faints from exhaustion (what a pussy). End.

Production values were awesome w/ great music, art & animation (obviously from PIG). Really dug the slow instrumental main theme song. Seiyuus were awesome as we got the same actors from the games reprising their roles. Anyways here's a bunch of pics.

Lastly I want to mention that the solicitation for My-HiME has been released. It's set for a March 28 release date w/ a SE (box & T-Shirt) and RE. Obviously LE for me. Also want to mention that Otome vol.2 went up for preorder at AJ recently. The FP is a magnet, so I'll be combining it w/ vol.3 when they list it, making March a bigger HiME month for me ^^. Anyways, time for a celebration shot!


somber said...

What pic is that Mai-HiME from? Anyways, that King of Fighters anime looks cool.

R8 said...

the my:hime pic is from the omake on DVD 7. it's just expanding on the relationship of Takumi and Mai. I like it, great sib pic.

DiGiKerot said...

LE x 3 for me if its a half-decent looking box - I could do with the storage for the R2s, and it'll keep me in t-shirts for a while ^^;

If the box it ugly, then I'll still get the LE, but just the one of them.

R8 said...

digi: having taken a look at the box from aaa, i don't think i'll bother w/ 3 since it's pretty ugly using a very simple image of the trio way back. bandai's choice w/ box art is so sad so sad. The Destiny box looks pretty good, too bad i'm not big on the SEED series.