Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Hadouken vs. Guts Bullet vs. Rasengan

Well, finishing 2 exams yesterday w/ 1 more to go (and then I'll be on vacation finally), i've got a little bit of time for an update. The news is quite old as it was revealed on SFD on Fri. but I didn't have any time to put it up. So in case those who missed it, here are the upcoming (and very sweet covers) to Street Fighter 2 issues 3 & raw,4, 1 (2nd printing) and Rival Schools. Covers A of SF2 are done by Alvin Lee (obviously), 3B by Mark Lee w/ Sven doing the E.Honda Foil and 4B. Christine Choi is doing 4's Karin Foil. Rey is obviously doing cover A for RS while Sven is doing cover B for issue 2. Alvin Lee did the 2nd printing of SF2 #1C cuz issue one sold out, it looks good and i'm tempted as it also goes well w/ the issue 1 cover. I plan to pick up both A & B the covers of SF2 cuz the art is just too sick. Not a fan of the power foil art, so that saves me some change. For RS, gonna get the Sven cover cuz I'm not big on Rey's art.

SF2 #3

SF2 #4

SF2 #1C 2nd Printing

Rival Schools #2

Lastly, Bandai Games put up a new streaming trailer to the Naruto OVA that comes w/ Naruto NH 3. It looks pretty sweet as we get some cool fantasy matchups like Ino vs. Sakura (again, yesh!), Shino vs. Kankuro (again), Lee vs. Gai, Naruto & Sasuke vs. Kakashi. Anyways, it looks good and more Anko (my fave chick in the entire series) along w/ Tsunade and Kurenai is always shaaweet. I saw this trailer yesterday and it doesn't seem to be working for me now (as of this writing) but it may work for you. Here's the page, it's the pic on the bottom left.


bakaboobie said...

Rival Schools #2? We don't have even #1 yet. I'm still getting both covers though.. !!! They look sick!

bakaboobie said...

Now we have RS coming out in the next few months, where in the world is DS?

R8 said...

RS supposedly comes out next month. I heard DS would be in April, but i'm not too sure.