Sunday, December 11, 2005

Maidens of Destiny

Been busy studying lately (while blazing and drinking in between XD) as finals are coming up. So this update is basically dedicated to the R1 solicitation of Kannaduki/Kannazuki no Miko announced last week. It was a show that I thoroughly enjoyed last year and Chikane was the main reason :D.

Heh, I also noticed the frequent use of the word ShizNat on various forums and some blogs that i visit and lurk about the HiME series. Sorry to burst anyone's bubble and not to be cocky or arrogant, it's a word i came up with way before during the first series. I first used that word on AoD and of course a lot of ppl go to AoD, so i'm not surprised to see my word show up elsewhere, but cool to see how popular it has become in the fandom world. the word was basically a variation on the words i say a lot like sheeznat, shiznit, sheezat. I still say these words in public as it's more friendly than saying "shit" in public places depending on the environment. Anyways, that was just my little rant for this mini update.


Zanza said...

i luv this blog for its sexy pictures

this blog and Fabio's, definitely bookmarks. =)

happy holidays dude ^.^

R8 said...

happy holidays to ya 2. hope you get well soon.