Tuesday, December 13, 2005

"Your Majesty , there's a Blade stuck in your Cleavage"

Being a big fan of Hisayuki cuz of My-HiME, i mentioned that I ordered some the the Cyber Formula OVA series in which he worked on. Saga will be one for me to look for in the future, and i'm searching for a R3 set of Gear Fighter Dendoh. Anyways, Hisayuki worked on a Lost World Combat book entitled Queen's Blade recently along w/ some other awesome artists.. I've known about this for months now, and I preordered his book (Reina) along w/ Eiwa's Risty and Hirotaka's Irma. Hirotaka's Irma will actually be released later this month. I'll be getting these books sometime in the New Year (probably much later on in the NY) since funds are low due to Christmas and the start of next semester (tuition, books). Anyways, I managed to find all the scans of the art featured in the 2 released books of Hisayuki's and Eiwa's. So today, I'm sharing some of the Hisayuki Reina one being the big fan that i am. I'll post Risty next time to show the awesomeness of Eiwa.

Meanwhile, i found the new Megami poster featuring Fate/Stay Night (anime version), which is why this old pic is here.

Lastly, since a Cleavage hentai has been announced, nude pic of this post will feature Erika from the game.

edit: seems the My-HiME Bakuretsu game is getting delayed AGAIN! From near the end of December (which I knew about months ago as YA & AJ had the latest date compared to LS & PA) to near the end of January (which AJ and YA also currently lists, again, LS & PA do not know yet). Ho hum, there's goes my excitement for Christmas :(.


Anonymous said...

The art is jawesome. I want to get those books too but I'm not too sure on buying things overseas and shipping is just too expensive :(. Nice Fate picture.

bakaboobie said...

Hmm.. do you happen to have the ISBN's for the book(s)?

R8 said...

hisayuki's reina: 489425400X
eiwa's risty: 4894253984
hirotaka's irma: 4894254018

and the one i'm not getting (cuz of it's loli-ness),
hirata's nowa: 4894253992

DiGiKerot said...

They pushed back MHB AGAIN!?! Damn them! I actually need to get some use from that PSP at some point.

That Hisayuki book is very, very tempting...