Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Year's Resolution: Staying Dead or Alive

well, last post of the year. and i just want to end the year's post w/ my rant on DoA 4 which i was lucky enough to play on my friend's 360. Some may know my general 'meh-ness' to the series cuz of it's randomness and lack of depth and skill of the previous games. Nobody really likes Itagaki cuz he's an ugly scarfaced arrogant fag but that's what makes him laugh at. Anyways, having played his latest, i must say that this DoA is undoubtedly the best one yet of the series. The background graphics are indeed quite a sight to look at as they're friggin' beautiful. Character models are basically the same since DoA 2. Girls still look exactly like each other, save for model height, hair style/color, eye colour and skin complexion. They're still big boobed barbie dolls, which is the biggest reason why this game sells. the hair and clothing animation is quite nice but CLIPPING still occurs sometimes. That is a big WTF on the 360 IMO. The big cut in the counter frame window makes it less button mashy, but the window is still big compared to Tekken's counters or 3S's parries. So, i guess this is a big change for ppl who are hardcore into the series. Haven't really played the series since Hardcore as I own it and do not own a Xbox, i must say that countering was still pretty easy for me as i'm use to the small counter window frames from Tekken and 3S. Playing against the CPU was pretty good too as the it offered quite a challenge. Alpha-152 was a beeatch though since i haven't played the game in so long and only know moves from DoA 2 (i mainly used Ayane, Tina, JL, Christie and Helena; when we unlocked her). The game is still hella fast and relies more on offense than defense, so turtle players still should avoid. The ground game is kinda weird which i'm not used to. Anyways, the game does have more depth and it's good enough that i wish to practice and may be take my game to the next lvl., however, it's still not as deep as VF4E or T5. If only this game was in the arcades so i may give it some practice, sadly Itagaki is gay about that. Anyways, it's a fun game like the others and most enjoyable w/ a bunch of guys who don't take fighting games seriously. I could see it have some more potential, though we'll wait and see if it'll be tourny worthy in the next couple of weeks. IMO, not yet Itagaki, you've still got some learning to do.

I've watched all the endings but managed to easily find some on the internet, so i'll post some pics of the girls ending (
quality is sheeat though), except for Helena's, since i haven't found it yet. Her ending is not bad though, but WTF? Zack? Should've got someone cooler. anyways spoilers ahead, though it doesn't make much sense. Fave ED of the chicks: Christie (i'm a little biased here and the fact she always likes to show her goods :P), followed by Lei-Fang and Hitomi's. For those who want to know, my order of fave DoA chicks goes like this: Ayane, Helena, Christie, Tina, Lei-Fang, Kasumi, Lisa, Hitomi and new girl, Kokoro.

Ayane: Her ending basically has her being chased. hayate shows up and he fights the blokes while she charges for a super jutsu which blows the place up.

Christie: Chrisitie shows up at a club and does a pole dance (very hawt) and mesmerizes everyone, especially her target which she grabs and kills him w/ a needle thru the neck/spine. Rachel is the chick in NG for Xbox.

Tina: a fucked up ED as she tries to be Tony Hawk and then arrives at one of the Doatec building in which she jacks up thru the ground x_x. She then tries to be guitar hero and just basically shows her tits and ass for u.

Lei-Fang: riding on a train thru the China countryside. Bambi shows up, causes the train to suddenly stop, she hangs on to 2 handles and therefore busts out. Old clumsy pervert needs something to grab and obviously, breasts are the best in these situations. He gets a good grab too. LF, obviously pissed, uses the pole to kick his ass off the train while embarrassed by her open shirt in the end. I woudn't mind being beating from her either if i had the chance ^^. what's also funny is the song, it start's off w/ the lyrics "touch me".

Kasumi: dreams she's a mermaid, befriends a fish and later gets caught in a net. She wakes up.

La Mariposa: Tina is getting fucked by 3 guys (just a big pile on, man these guys are dumb :P). LM comes and saves the day w/ a body splash. one guy has claws and swipes LM's mask off. Lisa is revealed and does a suplex. Yay for potential lesbians!

Hitomi: a fun ending w/ a fun song playing. she gets up nude in her home, opens the window nude while dancing in front of it (heh, those who live across from her sure get quite the sight), takes a shower, puts on a shirt. does some fighting practice, then makes some breakfast using her skills. Doorbell rings and clumsy Hitomi falls. That is awesome if she's always in a good mood like this every morning.

Kokoro: boring shit. She basically does some geisha training.

okay enough w/ the polygon boobs, here's some real boobies (or maybe silicone XD) courtesy of one of my fave penthouse chicks, Kyla Cole. So, have a Happy New Year Everyone! Time 4 Me to get Hammed & High!


fabio said...

Great post, and Happy New Year R8! DOA4 isn't quite the step up I thought it would be, but what I'm really looking forward to is the new beach volleyball title! ^_~

R8 said...

thanx fab, same to you. well, i didn't expect doa 4 to be evolutionary, all well-known fighting games are kinda like that now. heh, as for the volleyball game, i hope the character models will be a bit more different and give the girl's some ass. That's where the girls in Rumble Roses shine, mmm...dixie...amazing.

anyways, i plan to have an update later, cuz Helena's ED is up, some claim it to be the best (i can see why) but as mentioned, Christie's still my fave.

bakaboobie said...

From what I've seen in your post, Lei Fang's the best so far. But that's just me.. :D Let's see what they have in store for Helena. ^_^

R8 said...

yeah, LF's is good but i totally dig the song in Chrisitie's more, though LF's song is also not bad. But yeah, my choice was mostly due to biased reasons ^^.