Monday, January 02, 2006

Blazed up Prima Donna

Happy New Year All! And here's the 1st post of the year! Yeah, i got the AMG pic only for the fireworks and kimonos, it's just a matsuri pic, don't think it's really a NY's pic. As for the Capcom SF pic, well, i've made it quite obvious that i love Street Fighter and Capcom XD.

Doa fans should get the title for this post. yeah, didn't manage to post yesterday as i ended up being lazy :P. Anyways, school starts later this week and i'll be heading back 'home' early tomorrow morning, so here's helena's very cool ending, obviously a spoiler.

Helena: Taken as the true ending of the game, it shows some of Helena's past from previous games (her mom's death) as well as some new ones (Kokoro's mom dying...i think, anyways they're half siblings). Yeah, itagaki likes the concepts of half-sibs i guess, he probably has a half sib himself :P. It then has her going up top to doatec main HQ and self-destructing. we see the main ninjas (ayane, kasumi, hayate, ryu) doing their stuff while all this destruction is happening. Kasumi fights Alpha-152 (very cool); some scenes of Ayane's ending i replayed (since it takes place at the same time, so does bayman's but he's not important). Ayane and Kasumi see Helena wanting to commit suicide by dying along w/ the explosion/fire and credits roll (which has the other EDs playing the background). This has been all played against Aerosmith's "Amazing". At the end of credits, Zack comes in his heli and sweeps her off her feet and rescues her. END.


somber said...

Happy New Year R8!
That Helena ending looks pretty cool, you sure did a lot of screen caps for it :P. I like the Hitomi ending best, personally.

bakaboobie said...

Heh. Well, we can expect then some future family picture (Helena X Zack) to crop out from this Helena ED. HEHEHE.

Hmm.. time to find some doujins for this.