Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Show 'em you're a Tiger , Show 'em what U can do

the art of Tony's ecchi pics, brings out the _______ in U! :P No, i don't have Barbeque as it's nigh impossible for me to get. Lucky ones like fab, i do envy you as i wish i got some connections. Even then, it'll never make past customs here in Canada as porn is just a no no. Anyways, i'm back at home now and school starts once again for me tomorrow >_<. So i'll be a busy once again, though i was happy to see my g/f again after the break. So yeah, I hope for another academically successful semester this year. Oh yeah, anybody watch the Naruto special, ED song was sorta meh, but the animation was hot especially w/ Ino and Kurenai!! Where's Anko and Tsunade ;_;, they need to be upfront, screw Hinata, Temari should've been in the foreground! Tomorrow i plan for some Amaenaideyo goodness since it was a guilty pleasure show that i massively enjoyed. The DVD special that i saw 2 weeks ago was just yum, though ep.1 of Katsu takes away all that goodness obviously. However, i'm just glad to have more Haruka and Sakura service once again.

Maruto has also put up a sweet pic recently of Shizuru from Otome:

Some ADULT Tony samples: 1, 2, 3


bakaboobie said...

Very impressive of Maruto! I wish it was a bit wider to make it desktop-able.

somber said...

Hee Hee, nice Tony art. Never really watched Naruto, but Sakura and the others look cute there.