Monday, January 23, 2006

Natsuki and I are doing some bonding 2night

Shit, did i say that too loud? Anyways, quick update as i got a night class. Today's also Election Day in Canada for a new Prime Minister. I have to say that i don't really fucking care and I hate Harper. I still voted though.

So some good news, my YesAsia package has finally shipped (w/ SPL, 2 mangas and a Hisayuki-related anime) and i won't be getting it in like 6-10 days (hopefully). I'll post pics when i get 'em. The shit news, it finally shipped cuz they couldn't find the movie Shanghai Shanghai which contains an awesome fight between Yuen Biao and Sammo Hung (Another rare Sammo villian role and probably his first).

My~HiME pic of the day (and pic of the day) is this one from my My-HiME novel Side-B, which i posted on AoD last year when i got the book. and here's a fig link that i found as well as the one posted on AoD.
Game news: just wanted to mention that Tifa and Cloud will make cameos in the FF7 DC game. check out the nomura title art at Jeux France. I will get this game only for the amazing CG movies, but i will get this cheap as it looks like a RE 4 kinda knock off.

Tomorrow, I'll start a theme just cuz i feel like it.


Anonymous said...

I don't follow MaiHime but your avatar is hot.

bakaboobie said...

Heh.. I saw that Arika PVC a while ago, and I was like WTF? But I figured you'd already know so.. yeah..:P

At the same time, I was sidetracked when I saw a Yujin Kotona Elegance, that's almost sculpted after TONY's designs. Yeah, guess where my attention went. :D

R8 said...

@ anonym: is that you acolyte you fucking lazy bitch? yeah, i'll post a bigger version in da future, while u guess who it is.

@ baka: now that you mention it, i think i saw the Arika PVC a while ago as well, it's vague but i sorta remember now. heh, can't keep track of so much that is hime/otome. though the Mai silhouette future fig seems like news to me. aww my crap memory. where's the yujin kotona? haven't seen it yet. I don't really follow Zoids but she's damn hot.

bakaboobie said...

It used to be on this site. It was up there yesterday, but I guess they expire the pictures everyday.

I'll PM you over at AOD the pic later, which I saved fortunately. That and along with the Mischa pic. :)

R8 said...

cool cool. wow, there's a lot of gundam on that site ^^.

bakaboobie said...

Yeah. That's one of the boards I frequent for figure releases. Anyway, looks like HD has the picture I'm talking about here. Look at the top left.

Knowing Yujin, it's not going to be big a la Megahouse. But it's all good, as long as we got Kotona. ;)

somber said...

Nice picture of Natsuki. I wonder what your theme will be?

DiGiKerot said...

Todays ZHiME website update suggests that the figure might be on sale at Wonderfest only, as well as an alternate version with the costumes from the Fandisk cover. Kind of sucks, really.

R8 said...

at digi: the selling of the figs does suck that it's exclusive to wonderfest. but that doesn't matter to me anymore ^_^