Thursday, January 19, 2006

Yay for Gays!

Wanted to do this update yesterday, but was tired and mostly lazy. Anyways, for those who follow movies and it's awards, know, that the gay cowboy movie, Brokeback Mountain won best picture in a drama and Ang Lee won best director. I don't intend to watch the movie but congrats. the GGs are always a hint at who's gonna be nominated at the Oscars but results are always different, like Lee losing in 2001 (when he won the GG that year for Crouching Tiger) to Soderbergh (who was a maniac that year w/ two of his own movies competing for each other at the Oscars). I'm sorta sad that Kung Fu Hustle didn't win for best foreign as that would've been so cool ^_^. As for the actors categories in movies, i only cared about Phillip Seymour Hoffman as it's about time. He's been pulling off great performances as of late and I've been a fan of his work mostly since Magnolia and Almost Famous, though i did notice him before in movies like Boogie Nights (fuckin' creepy) and Lebowski (i love that movie). Looking forward to see him in MI3 later this year and hopes he'll win the Oscar too (if he's nominated, which will have my jaw drop if he isn't). On the TV related scene, i just wanted to laugh at the Desperate Houswives cast for losing out to someone NOT from the show :D. I also want to go WTF! that Steve Carrell won for his own rip-off of the Office. I watched this show once to see how it compares and it really doesn't. It's a horrible knock off IMO. Don't get me wrong, i like Carrell (especially in Anchorman and 40 yr. Old) but Ricky Gervais is so much more awesome and more funny in the original The Office. The English cast is much better too.

So moving away from 'reality', Heisei Democracy mentions some figs that got me interested. While i may have stopped collecting them, i still like looking and seeing the new ones coming out. The notable ones for me are mostly from the Yamato page. i linked the USA one since they're all there (except for Saki cosplay from Genshiken which i'm not sure if it's gonna get a stateside release as it's not on the USA page and the reason why i linked it was just to show), thus guaranteeing a Stateside release thru Diamond Comics. From there, the Ryomou and Ureshiko PVCs are really nice. Of the Capcom chicks, I really like the Morrigan one and the Cammy one is pretty good (though her arms are a bit too muscular for my taste). I don't like the Chun Li one cuz first of all, she's in her Alpha uniform (which sux IMO) and 2nd of all, her arms are too bulky and muscular. I also don't like the sculpting on her face, so that would be the 3rd reason. HD also links a page to the RAH DX Meer that someone likes ;), showing a few more pics.

After weeks of waiting and checking daily at Amazon Japan (yes, i'm that desperate), they finally had the MAIHIME Hirokazu Hisayuki Artworks up for preorder (it comes out feb 14 btw), as well as My-Otome vol.3. So w/out a doubt i preordered them. I have the Artbook to ship w/ My-Otome vol.2 and I'm planning to have vol.3 ship w/ vol.4 (and possibly 5 if vol.4 also doesn't contain a FPLE item worth getting) to save moolah. February is definitely gonna be MH month if all goes according to plan w/ PSP game (if not delayed again), OS Natsuki (i might receive this later or in March as i picked SAL and hopefully HLJ won't go EMS on me), GSC Natsuki (ships at the end of the month but i'm expecting it the first week of feb), the 2nd DVD and artbook. Max Factory Mai will probably be delayed, so i'm not counting it. So, Feb is gonna be a killer month on me moneywise ;_;. Add to that, there's valentine's day! So, i need to cut down really bad. Oh yeah, look for a new anime Otome pic soon as the Akita Shoten magazine is released today in which you can see on the bottom left, a pic of the loli chicks ('cept for maybe Erstin cuz she's stacked) in their school swimwear.

Lastly, i just want to note that Konami added some new shots of Rumble Roses XX on their official site and Game Watch also has some new shots.
For those wondering who the two chicks are above and why i added them, u NEED to watch the David Lynch movie, Mulholland Drive if you haven't already. So awesome, though on the dvd the bastard :P didn't put chapter stops on purpose for artful and EVIL reasons :D. They are Naomi Watts (yes, she should be familiar to most now) and Laura Elena Harring (whom i last saw in the crapass movie, the Punisher).

Nipple NSFW pics/scan of the day will be the My-Otome manga and a fanart from My~HiME which is also going for my theme today ;): 1, 2


bakaboobie said...

Hisayuki fanbook? ORDRERED!! Along with SH3 artbook.

Too many figures and stuff coming out lately, and it's only been the first 2 months of the year. I dread the rest of the year to come...

Oh yeah, I didn't know the [Yamato] Saki would be coming out here too. Guess I can safely remove it from my HLJ order then.

Finally.. HOLY CRAP! What the hell was that (re: 舞-乙HIME scan)

R8 said...

i first made note of the Hisayuki artworks artbook in this post. So yeah, you can see a sample of the awesome art it's going to contain.

Oh, DON'T remove your Yamato Saki yet!!! I'm not sure if that one is coming out in the US. That was the only Yamato one at Heisei i didn't see at the US yamato site, hence why i linked that one to a JPN site. I guess my wording is a bit wrong. I'll have to fix that.

I assume your talking about the Otome manga scan. yeah, it's a scene w/ tomoe basically raping miya. there's like 2 more pages of raping action which i didn't include XD.