Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Red Knives

I don't know about you but i'm personally a fan of Scarlett Johansson. She's young (only 21!), talented and damn hot. Her rack is just yum. Anyways, found this video a couple of days ago and just wanted to show you that being gay has it's advantages ^^. If you watched the Golden Globes on E! then you've probably seen it, I however didn't (cuz i was watching 24 and i don't have E!). Here's the vid (audio is slightly off) and enjoy the pics of Scarlett from the GGs above. Blogger reduces the quality of the pics, i have those pics in higher res. I love her "What is going on?", so hawt. Can't wait for Match Point, which is pretty different from the usual Woody Allen stuff.

As mentioned, I'm starting a theme today cuz I feel like it. This week will be Gemini Knives. Most of the pics I will be posting for this show is easy to find if you're interested and just search. Not much details have been revealed on this gimik project but i hope it'll come out soon (whether it be an anime or novel or whatever).

game news: this is yesterday's news, i was just too lazy to post about it anywhere. Game Watch has more pics of Xenosaga I II DS.

movie news: big spoiler if you click on the following link, but it's not like you didn't expect it. anyways, there's also a look at psylocke and callisto. DVDrama link

Lastly w/ Boin ep.2 out, i want to celebrate with my 2 fave chicks from the game, Touko and Natsuko. My girlfriend is coming over tonight so i haven't been able to check it out yet along w/ Kurai Mirai. I'll do so tomorrow though.


bakaboobie said...

mmmm.. I'd definitely hit her.. :P

somber said...

Hmm...Gemini Knives. Never heard of it. So it's like another Kiddy Grade? :P

bakaboobie said...

@somber: More or less. GK follows the same vein as KG, as far as some designs and planning go. But the story is yet to be really told.