Thursday, January 26, 2006

Great Ones or should I say Great Mammories

Well, today's Wayne Gretzky's B-day, he's 45 today. As noted yesterday, I like Gretzky and the guy's been my idol since i was a kid. Yes, hockey's big here. So yeah, i used to buy all things oilers and kings and stopped after he went to St.Louis and then NY. That was also when i stopped collecting hockey cards. Anyways, best wishes to him.

Secondly, I watched the Bible Black ep.3 remake (from the box set) which basically has ep.3 completely re-animated w/ slightly better animation. The art however, has been vastly improved upon and is as good as the Longinus series. Man, what a difference when you do a side by side comparison. Definite must see for the fans. However, it's interesting that only ep.3 got totally redone. When will we ever see this uncensored, no one will know.

There was also a special 10 min. short called Imari Only. It's basically an extra for the fans, probably thanking them for buying the box set. anyways, the short is similar to the Takashiro shorts and Forbidden Art short featuring Saeki. So we get a 8 min action scene featuring Imari getting raped by some unknown classmate from school at night. it's good action and what we'd expect from BB. Of course, like the other shorts, there's no relation to the main storyline. It probably takes place after the final episode of Walpurgis since the guy doesn't go back door and we don't see red. She doesn't go futanari but gets pretty horny. Anyways, take what you will of this short if you're an imari fan, it's just fanservice.

Bunch of cool HiME related stuff released today, like the Fuuka Taisen movie trailer and ZHiME's new OP. I'll make a post dedicated to it some other time, but just have to say that Natsuki, Mai, Midori & Tomoe were so awesome and haawwwt.

Gemini pic:

and for the Imari fans, here's an HCG.


bakaboobie said...

It's high time that Imari get some feature action alone. ;)

R8 said...

well, i'm personally not a big fan of hers in Walpurgis. Would've rather had a yukiko dedicated short :P.