Sunday, January 08, 2006

舞-KOF team: Rider, Saber and Molest-her

Heh, sorta busy the past couple of days and couldn't update, so here's pretty big update today. I saw F/S Night ep.1 a couple of days ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm just a casual fan (unlike some others :P :D) and really enjoyed it. Ep.2 looks awesome w/ Archer and Lancer going at it. I posted the R2 DVD release at AoD earlier this morning. Since I AM just a casual fan, i'm just gonna wait for the R1 release by Geneon instead of shelling out the dough for the R2 as my R2 dough goes to the My-HiME/ZHiME series as well as Hisayuki XD. I also preordered SPL like i said along w/ something Hisayuki related, hence why a My-Otome pic is here.

Lastly, here's a bunch of screencaps of King of Fighters Another Day Chapter 2 -Accede. Yeah, it's almost 100 caps (which i had fun doing). Like ep.1 it's all about the fighting and made just for the fans of the games (like how FFVII AC was made for the fans), so story is pretty much non-existent. Story's pretty simple but i'm tired and don't feel like explaining too much. It has Rock dreaming of fighting Terry on top of Geese Tower and he purposely falls off in that dream (he basically plays Geese in that dream). He wakes up, Terry's drinking whiskey (heh, crazee alcoholic, those who've seen FF OVA 2 knows how much he drinks) and tells Terry he's going out for a bit. South Town's ablazing (from ep.1) and sees his Mommy's paintings burning (this i'm guessing). Billy fights Lien (whom i use in MI and whom i love, though there's a bunch more chicks in the real KOF series i like more) she gets her ass handed to her. Rock come and fights Billy and tries to save her (man, that's friggin' fast getting up geese tower). he gets is ass pwned (in a cheap way though). Billy gets raped by Lien's sadachbia. Lien and Rock go to find Mommy's painting but most are in ruins. He goes home, Terry's drinking orange juice now, basically leaves since he had a rough night (prolly did some fighting or maybe just the fire)
and he sees mommy's painting underneath Terry's jacket. I just want to say that Terry is a crazy mofo by getting the painting so fast and returning. Wish he got some action screentime since he's my fave KOF character, however, the guy does have animes centered on him, so it's cool. I loved how he said POWAAA GEYSAH! Just like the games. Anyways, here's the pics, mucho focus on Lien and her boobies ^^.


WRex said...

Who's the girl on the top left? Is that a KOF character? Anyway, that's an awesome illustration, as is the Fate/Stay Night painting next to it.

R8 said...

The girl in black & purple? that would be Rider. All 3 first pics are F/S Night. It goes Rider (by T2), Saber (by Ugetsu Hakua)and Rin (by T2 again). The only KOF chick is the screencaps below featuring hottie Lien Neville ^^.

WRex said...

I know about Ugetsu's artwork, but this T2 guy's artwork is also fab~

I better watch the first episode of Fate/Stay Night soon.

R8 said...

well, t2 (taka tony) is famous for doing art for ero-games and stuff. he's done some hot doujin at comiket. fabio has comiket 68 featuring GSD while this past comiket 69 featured the chicks from zoids genesis (which i put some samples of). His art is definitely great, heh, but i just hope you're not expecting that artsyle in the anime as TypeMoon's art is rather simple (facial features) which the anime captured nicely.

bakaboobie said...

Heh.. Look at Arika's face. She's awefully getting high from that (poppy) flower. LMAO! :D D