Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Cleavage for Da Summer

I mainly wanted to post this awesome Cleavage vol.2 (link=NSFW) cover. It's being relesed this month on June 23rd. It's looking great and a better improvement over ep.1 as we get more action. But more importantly more Sayaka action! Looks to have a Sayaka x Yuto scene (shaweet) and a Sayaka x Erika x Yuto scene (even more shaweet). Can't wait.

some game news:
more School Rumble Ni-Gakki PS2 pics - haawwwt
KOF XI shots - nothing new just more shots of the console characters (lifted from NGBC), 3D backgrounds and color edit...the usual SNK console extras. I watched another trailer some days ago that was shown at showtime. It's nothing new really, and like KOF AD, you have to sign up if you haven't already (it's free).
Onimusha Dawn of Dreams OST and UMD set
250 Price tag on Wii official?
GR posts launch/release list for Wii and PS3 (subject to change of course)
Phantasy Star Universe JPN cover
A bunch of Fist of the North Star games - where's the Arcade fighting game?!!!

and that's all the stuff of interest so far this morning.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

UtaTracks Fabulous Chanson

With the World Cup starting in less than 2 weeks, i've been playing a lot of WE10 (along w/ my usual rotation of fighting games :P). Thus, the theme song of the game has been stuck in my head. The song's called Win and Shine and it's by Ukatrats FC. Ukatrats FC is bascially a collarboration of many JPN artists solely for this song. The single was released last week and it's pretty sweet. Contains 3 tracks. The video came out a while ago, and it's meh. It consists of game footage and the artists singing and rapping (x_x, yeah i'm not into foreign rapping). I must noted that Sowelu looks very good in the video despite the short appearance. So here's some caps of her from the vid:

some old and new game news for the morning, will add more if other interesting news comes around.

From yesterday,
PS3 tilt-type controller coming to PS2 and PC, includes rumble
FFXIII V-Jump scans - nothing new as usual, same old shots from the trailers
School Rumble Ni-Gakki PS2 packaging - shaweet, debating on playing this game...will probably succumb ^^
Jeux France w/ SJ & VJ scans of DBZ Sparking! Neo - More Movie characters, this time dark Son Goku, i mean Taurus ;)
New Magical Vacation vids
My most anticipated JPN RPG updated w/ a new video
Tekken DR demo at Akibahara w/ digital pad faceplate shown (like SFZ3 DU). Playfrance put up a different trailer some days ago.
PS Signature Stuff

The most impressive 360 game during E3 (for Me), RS:Vegas will have facemapping
Gamereactor's Twilight Princess shots
Relive E3 w/ Kikzo's E3 2006 Ultimate Video Coverage

Naruto Movie 3 site went up recently...meh
Otome(!)...:P...still purdy

Himekishi Lilia was released early, checked it out a couple of days ago. Will have my hentai post in a couple of days.

Since I didn't have a sexy pic today (though i could've easily got one for Saber or any chick from Fate ;)), i'll post this piece of hot ass for today. Guess the mystery hottie if you like. I'll post another awesome shot of her in my next post.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Racing 100 laps & winning a bunch of sWitchblades

Well, this is my 100th POST finally. Took me quite a few months to reach and hopefully I'll continue on w/ another 100 more ;). Anyways, been busy lately w/ work and what not...:P. I've been mostly playing my roomate's Street Fighter Zero Fighter's Generations and Shin Gouketuji Ichizoku: Bonnou Kaitou (aka Power Instinct: Matrimelee) for the past 3 days. Yeah, SFZFG is an awesome compilation and any SF fan should definitely pick it up when it comes out. The US version will only cost about 30 bucks when it hits shelves June 13. My buddy and I basically spent hours on day 1 unlocking everything and getting the Hyper SFZ mode with all the cool isms (parry! Mvs! etc.) from various game. WAY FUN. Anyways, I'll probably play this game for a couple more days and wait out for the US version which i probably won't even play once i get it :P. Why? cuz there's not much incentive for me to play these games anymore as i own all the games in some form already: SFA (PSX/GBC), SFA2 (SNES, yes, i know ;)), SFA2 Gold (PSX), SFA3 (PSX/GBA) and Pocket Fighters (PSX).

As for SGI: BK, it's been a couple of years since i last played this game on NG. So it's great to revisit. This PS2 port adds returning characters from previous Power Instinct games and the return of transformations which the arcade version lacked. However, the ps2 port seems to have the Rage of the Dragon characters missing or I just haven't found a way to unlock them. I don't think they're included as in the normal arcade mode, you had to fight one of them. However, this does not happen in the single player game on the PS2. that Bobby Orogon character is pretty funny too. The soundtrack is great as all the music have vocals like PI2. One should definitely pick up the OST, i recommend it. For those unfamiliar w/ the game, it plays a lot like Rage of the Dragons which Noise Factory also developed and sooooo needs to be ported to PS2. And if you haven't played RotD, well, it plays sorta like KoF but a bit more wackier in the style of Waku Waku 7. Anyways, as you can see the graphics are pretty good, the same as RotD and almost on par w/ Mark of the Wolves. The animation however is below MotW but better than most KoFs. I was disappointed that this game didn't have an anime intro (it sorta does w/ a bit of animation w/ Sissy but then all we get are portraits) as it's got such big influences like Range Murata who did the original character designs. The new illustrations were mostly done by his understudy, Tomokazu Nakano who's very good at adapting Murata's style. Those may recognize Nakano's work on KoF Neowave, where you see a bit of Murata's style but know it's so not him. The game isn't too difficult by a hardcore fighter's perspective. Casual gamers will have fun until they play the bosses, especially Sissy. She can be a real bitch and playing her again reminded me how hard she was in the arcades. However, she's no pushover anymore as I only lost to her 3 times on my first playthrough after many years (on level 6). I'm currently going through Mission mode and i'm on the B side where certain conditions apply.

Anyways, one may be wondering why i got Masane from Witchblade anime on top, well, as you can see...she's friggin' hawwwt!!! AND it's the only show that i'm watching really. Yeah, I'm just shallow and dig the proportionate chicks...yup me and boobies :D. The show is okay and i don't find anything that great about it. The animation and fights are good sometimes but just above average mostly. It's just pure fanservice love and one might just wish she had the power of switchblade sometimes...if they're demented and have fetish for that sorta thing :P. This being a Gonzo show, on can expect Funi to release this on R1. Thus, i'll wait for it and knowing Funi, they'll have a respectable release for it, that's if they do get it. Thus, I'll present and awesome pic and covers for vol.1 and the FP cover (also my new av) which came out a while ago but was too busy to post about.

And what would a post be w/out something Hisayuki or HiME related? Most of the news are old (again, i was lazy and busy to make a post) but I thought i post them anyways for tradition's sake.
Hisayuki presents another baseball pic, w/ Mai this time (shaweet, Natsuki as a catcher next time?)
The official ZHiME site updated yesterday (and today). The CM figs for the Natsuki x Mai still creeps me out. While the bodies are nice, the skulpting on the face is just sooo off. The New Line Natsuki looks really good but again, for that price, i don't think it's worth it (On a fig releated note, Rangiku shipped a couple of days ago!!) The pics for omake 6 looks very yummy for Erstin fans, sadly i'm not one of 'em. Rad won the chara poll for males and Shizuru won for the female side again..ho hum. Speaking of Shiz, Hobby Jpaan is releasing their third My:HiME pillow w/ Shizuru. It looks very awesome. However, this one shouldn't be for the guys as we all know what Shiz's preference is ;). One scan is jacked from the 2ch thread.

I'm not in the mood to post about any gaming news today, though I will post the Xenosaga III JPN cover that was released a couple of days ago:

Lastly, being my 100th post, i felt the need to post a real chick (have fun ^_^) and a real Switchblade chick ;) ^^.
Switchblade in Action (*imagine* ;)) NSFW

May 27 9:20 AM edit: Heh, in relation to Witchblade, Bible Black and some, Milky updated their site w/ their monthly PR and trailers. The much awaited Akibakei Kanojyo 3's trailer is up, though it looks pretty meh. Futari no Aniyome's trailer isn't up yet as of this edit. July 25th, Milky will release 3 titles. 2 are continuations which i look forward too. They are Ane to Boin 2 and Ryojoku Hitozuma Onsen 2. Both were average Milky fares, though when compared to most other titles *cough...vanilla...*cough*, they are way awesome. Ep.2 seem to continue this above averageness. Ane to Boin 1 was a bit of a disappointment (since the source is so awesome) so i'm hoping ep.2 will redeem itself. The 3rd milky title is Ringetsu which is based on another Selen game like Futari no Aniyome. Milky is planning 3 episodes for this show. Ep.2 will come out August 25th and ep.3 will come out September 25th. I've also checked out the hentai titles for the month (which isn't much). Just have to say that Cambrian is awesome w/ it's Witchbladeness in the end :D. I'll do my pick of the month once himekishi lilia comes out since it's a title i've been looking forward to. Yeah, i know it comes in June but it's early June and I would like to include it in my post then ;).

Monday, May 22, 2006

Victoria Day

So yeah, today is considered Victoria Day in Canada since the 24th lands on a Wed. this year. It's also known as May 2-4 (two four) weekend where ppl get hammed. I've had my fair share of drinking for the past couple of days now and i'm recovering today. Thus, I will celebrate w/ the top and bottom chicks ;). Today's post will also consist of a bevy of news due to my free time.

As the Lord of the HiMEs and ZHiMEs, I once again present news of vol.8 for My-Otome. The release date is the 25th of August and contains episodes 21-23. The Omake will be awesome as the focus is the Fire String Ruby, Mai!!! Yeshhh!! Also i want to update on the FP items. It's now been updated that vol.5 (which comes out this week) will include a Souten Seikyoku/Sapphire of the Azure Sky strap and volume 6's FP will be a Erstin photograph ('memory photograph'). So there you have it.

Some new and old covers I wanted to mention/show as they caught my eye:
Suzuka vol.9 (small), the large version and reverse will be found here when updated.
School Rumble Ni Gakki vol.1....Oh yesh, the 2nd PS2 game site has updated again...*drools over Yakumo, Mikoto and Itoko*
High School Girls vol.2
Soul Link vol.1
Aria vol.6
Giniro no Kami no Agito LE
Tactical Roar vol.4
Eureka 7 vol.12 (shaweet)
Wings of Rean vol.2
Kasimasi vol.4
Eyeshield 21 vol.13

Some ero news: Himagin has a hentai planned for Jan 26 2007 (yes, 2k7), "Princess Knight Janne". It's based off the game by Catwalk (NSFW). Also Himagin has had Sora no Iro Mizu no Iro hentai up for preorder for a while now. Those familiar will know that this hentai is based off the Taka Tony chara designed game. This show has been delayed many times and the firm date seems to be July 28th.
Speaking of Hentai, i notice a bunch of R2 Pink Pineapple hentai re-releases in July. It's old titles though.

Game news:
Again some D.O.N. scans that Jeux-France or The Magic Box hasn't stole as of this writing :D:
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at
Some Appleseed PS2 (the official site had a CG clip when the site opened last year) FULL scans:
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at

EGM claims some news:
This is a really old one: they say FFVII remake will happen on PS3 next okay
Xenosaga I & II coming in Fall

Earthworm Jim was announced a while back but having taken a look at it, i'm not digging Jim's 3D look
Iwata Nintendo Interview
Miyamoto Interview w/ 'Canada'

Also, the arrange modes in the Zero Anthology has been confirmed. The arranged modes are just like the Vampire Saviour Secret modes and what i mentioned yesterday. Zero 2, Zero 2 Alpha (or Alpha 2 Gold), and Zero 3 all contain an arranged mode where you can pick Cammy in Zero 2 Alpha and the aforementioned console exclusives from the PS1 and Dreamcast games. The upper characters from the portable games (ie. eagle, maki, yun and ingrid) didn't make the OBVIOUSLY and as expected.

Though you probably don't need this as she's easily searchable on the net, a quick fix for the interested (NSFW) ^_^: Victoria has no secrets

11:56 PM EST edit:
I finished my first season of 24 and the episode was okay, looks like i'll have to watch S4 as the SPOILER

anyways, main purpose of this edit are these:
Jeux France has some clear Crisis Core Famitsu Scans
JF also presents some Super Smash Bros. Brawl images
DBZ fans such as myself may want to take a look at these Tenkaichi 2/Sparking Neo vids here.
Lastly, Tekken Dark Resurrection JPN PSP cover...yessss!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Spring Fling (April Hentai)

Was too tired to make a post yesterday and friday so i'll do it today. Well, this is my hentai post for April. Been wanting to make this post before my trip but finally have the time. May's lot will be comin' in soon so hopefully i'll be on track. As you may know, April was a very awesome month for hentai fans as there was a quite a selection to choose from. Picking the best one was quite hard.

Bible Black Only 2
Great episode and one that i was really anticipating as it features all 3 of my fave chicks in one episode (Saeki, Takashiro-sensei and Yukiko). Saeki's part was really good featuring her and her gang (Jun & Ayumi...edit: Not Ayumi but Maki, my bad) collecting the good 'ol 'white' stuff. All three girls have their own scene, an orgy w/ a teacher (lucky bitch) as well as their own little fun when Saeki acquires 'two tools' much more impressive than Kitami-sensei ^^. Next we have Yukiko who needed a much deserved comeback. Her scene continues right off from BB where Taki gives her the feel (yay, Minase Taki's hand makes a cameo :P). Her scene consists of playing solo and then her prof having her way w/ her. Gurreato stuff. Lastly we have Takashiro and sadly it's and old one (About Teacher) just like BBO 1 used an old one of Saeki. Still good for a rewatch. While this show was low on story, it totally delivered in the action department which was it's main goal anyways. Pure fanservice for the fans and thus, it's my pick for April.

Since I'm a Yukiko lover, here's a NSFW pic from the game.

Ne-Chan to Shyou yo 2
Very close to being my #1 for the month. This showed offered action scenes to the rest of the sisters and once again delivered w/ great art and animation. Sex scenes were really good too, namely Tomoe's and Kaname's scenes. Sadly the much anticipated Kaname scene was too short for my taste and i was left somewhat disappointed. However, what really gave the knock down from #1 was Hinano's scene. Those who know me, know that i hate loli-looking chicks. Her sex scene was good i guess for those who dig that. Aside from the 3 girls' scene we get a short scene w/ Hinano, Takane and Tomoe bathing. Hinano and Takane have some fun w/ Tomoe's nice funbags and that's about it. Now if only Serori's scene was in ep.2, that would've been purrrfect as her scene was de best from ep.1.

Sadly i don't own the HCGs :(.

Strigendo 2
Having skimmed thru the manga way beforehand, i already mentioned that Asaoka-sensei wouldn't have a scene and would be delegated to fantasy only. I really wished i was proven wrong as she's too awesome. Anyways, the anime followed the manga really well and pretty faithfully w/ Miyazawa's story (though I still sorta hated the typical "stupid" hentai chick). Kirishima's scene was sorta changed as the action never took place in the nurse room and Asaoka never really had any involvement. Still, it kept the feel, comedy and good 'ol erotica from the manga. Everything was animated very very nice and the action was really good. While the female chara designs of Miyazawa and Kirishima were nice, they weren't as good as Mizuho's, w/ the exception of Asaoka of course :D. But she didn't get any action :P. the male designs continue to be simple and ugly (not to the point of being 'turned off'), but that's only because they're capturing Seto's art. Thus, I must rank this a close third behind Ne-Chan 2.

Hitozuma Kasumi-san 2
w/ the power of Obari's Studio G-1 behind this, one expected great things. Sadly, i was sorta disappointed. The show (based of a game) takes the tired wife cheating on husband plot. Wife in the end leaves husband for new younger boy toy and the show ends off in a nice, romantic and erotic way. Thus, story was crap whereas they should've dedicated that time into giving us a scene w/ everyone's fave blue-haird chick, Harumi. Yes, Harumi, once again doesn't get the schaft. No service from her aside from a bikini. At least ep.1 gave us a solo. This episode, does expand a bit from episode 1 by giving us one more action scene from the total of 2.....whoop-dee-do. Anyways, while the story and action were low, the presentation from Muse and Studio G-1 certainly delivered as expected. All art and animation were animated very nicely and was the only thing that kept me watching. Sex scenes were of high quality but i've seen better. Were it not because of the presentation and if it was handled by some meh animation studio in Vanilla (which i'm sure has...talking about story), then i wouldn't have even bothered.

With Harumi getting no action, i decided to add a NSFW pic from the game in whichi i also possess the HCG set of ^^.

Seikoujyo 1
Based off the game from Blackpackage and having seen the HCGs for this game months ago, i was expecting a very hardcore show in the same vein as Yakin Byouto/Night Shift Nurse. Surprsingly, this was very tame in comparison. It was not until the end that we got to see the scat. The HCG is filled w/ that and other sort of liquids. Expect to see more of that hardcoreness and probably the breaking of Rosalia when a party arrives (assuming Milky goes that route). What's also surprsing to me was the animation. I found the animation to be really good. It's almost near-BB quality but not quite at times. Definitely above Milky average (which is good) all the way throughout. The art is questionable at times. It's sorta inconsistent, sometimes it's good and detailed and somtimes it isn't. The action was sorta hardcore (mostly the game) and mostly focused on Sister Rosallia, thus it got sorta boring. Liz gives us one scene when she takes on a group be herself...horny bitch ^^. If the show had more variety and the action scenes were a little better, than i would've ranked it a bit higher. I am excited about ep.2 as uber hot Vanessa shows up in the end...yesh yesh.
And because it will have Vanessa, I will add this NSFW HCG pic of her.

Mahou Shoujo Sae 1
Typical Magical girl hentai w/ main girl being raped by tentacles and strangers. Very average fare here. Designs were simple and nice, animation was passable. What really bothered me was more than half the episode was delt w/ Sae and her mini (and loli-looking) sidekick being raped. A very slow and boring process too. Another thing that pissed me off was the enemy was hot (as usual) and sadly she was wasted, as she doesn't get any action. Other than that, this was a big snoozer.

Shi Imouto Ningyou 1

I don't even know why i reviewed this. I probably shouldn't have (like i do w/ Vanilla titles...which i do watch mind you). This one ranks below even the average Vanilla titles in terms of presentation. Art and animation is just crap. Story was meh too, though a bit more interesting than some of the shows this month. The show does give us 4 action scenes and 4 different chicks so it's got the amount and variety covered. However, the poor animation sorta ruins it. Even though i've been bashing the animation, it's not the worst. There are far more. It's just really bad when you've seen the titles mentioned above which have vast superior animation. So yeah, the green haired "pixie/she-demon/whatever they're called" pictured below was the best character IMO. Anyways, this is a show to be missed.

Some old gaming news (and a fig pic) i wanted to make a couple days ago
Battle Stadium D.O.N. scans:
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at
Super DBZ scans from JF
One Piece Wii scans
Naruto RPG 3 scans
Naruto fig pics
360 getting Devil May Cry 3 SE
SE trademarks FF Haeresis XIII...interesting...a 4th fabula nova crystallis (man, what a dumb project name) game?

Ep.7 of Black Lagoon was awesome, light on action (as expected from someone who read the manga) but the drama was all there. I did say that i luv the Rock/Revy smoke scene didn't i :P? ^^. As mentioned before, like the last episode, this one also takes place from vol.2 of the manga. A surpise move from Madhouse and the tv broadcast is that they decided to add some fanservice by showing the nipples of the strippers like the manga. Though their nips aren't covered by see-through clothing in the manga. Heh, I didn't expect this after ep.6, as that didn't give us any Revy nipples. And Roberta finally shows up in ep.8 "Rasta Blasta" (ch. title from the manga like the others). So back to vol.1.
Sample shots of nips: 1, 2

Also want to mention for those who didn't know that the Zero/Alpha Anthology apparently includes an Arrange game for SFZ/A 3. This was discovered about 2 days ago. So yeah it includes the original arcade game w/ 25 or so characters and an arrange game w/ the console characters (don't think yun, maki, ingrid etc. are in). The official site has pics of Dark Sakura, Evil Ryu (in 'MvC Akuma mode'), Guile and a pic of Cammy and Balrog (boxer) fighting over a stage from SFA/Z 2. So it's assumed that this mode allows you to mix and match modes and characters, sorta like the Anniversary collection.

anyways, hope those in those in Canada are enjoying the long weekend as i am ^^ (glug glug).