Monday, May 22, 2006

Victoria Day

So yeah, today is considered Victoria Day in Canada since the 24th lands on a Wed. this year. It's also known as May 2-4 (two four) weekend where ppl get hammed. I've had my fair share of drinking for the past couple of days now and i'm recovering today. Thus, I will celebrate w/ the top and bottom chicks ;). Today's post will also consist of a bevy of news due to my free time.

As the Lord of the HiMEs and ZHiMEs, I once again present news of vol.8 for My-Otome. The release date is the 25th of August and contains episodes 21-23. The Omake will be awesome as the focus is the Fire String Ruby, Mai!!! Yeshhh!! Also i want to update on the FP items. It's now been updated that vol.5 (which comes out this week) will include a Souten Seikyoku/Sapphire of the Azure Sky strap and volume 6's FP will be a Erstin photograph ('memory photograph'). So there you have it.

Some new and old covers I wanted to mention/show as they caught my eye:
Suzuka vol.9 (small), the large version and reverse will be found here when updated.
School Rumble Ni Gakki vol.1....Oh yesh, the 2nd PS2 game site has updated again...*drools over Yakumo, Mikoto and Itoko*
High School Girls vol.2
Soul Link vol.1
Aria vol.6
Giniro no Kami no Agito LE
Tactical Roar vol.4
Eureka 7 vol.12 (shaweet)
Wings of Rean vol.2
Kasimasi vol.4
Eyeshield 21 vol.13

Some ero news: Himagin has a hentai planned for Jan 26 2007 (yes, 2k7), "Princess Knight Janne". It's based off the game by Catwalk (NSFW). Also Himagin has had Sora no Iro Mizu no Iro hentai up for preorder for a while now. Those familiar will know that this hentai is based off the Taka Tony chara designed game. This show has been delayed many times and the firm date seems to be July 28th.
Speaking of Hentai, i notice a bunch of R2 Pink Pineapple hentai re-releases in July. It's old titles though.

Game news:
Again some D.O.N. scans that Jeux-France or The Magic Box hasn't stole as of this writing :D:
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at
Some Appleseed PS2 (the official site had a CG clip when the site opened last year) FULL scans:
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at

EGM claims some news:
This is a really old one: they say FFVII remake will happen on PS3 next okay
Xenosaga I & II coming in Fall

Earthworm Jim was announced a while back but having taken a look at it, i'm not digging Jim's 3D look
Iwata Nintendo Interview
Miyamoto Interview w/ 'Canada'

Also, the arrange modes in the Zero Anthology has been confirmed. The arranged modes are just like the Vampire Saviour Secret modes and what i mentioned yesterday. Zero 2, Zero 2 Alpha (or Alpha 2 Gold), and Zero 3 all contain an arranged mode where you can pick Cammy in Zero 2 Alpha and the aforementioned console exclusives from the PS1 and Dreamcast games. The upper characters from the portable games (ie. eagle, maki, yun and ingrid) didn't make the OBVIOUSLY and as expected.

Though you probably don't need this as she's easily searchable on the net, a quick fix for the interested (NSFW) ^_^: Victoria has no secrets

11:56 PM EST edit:
I finished my first season of 24 and the episode was okay, looks like i'll have to watch S4 as the SPOILER

anyways, main purpose of this edit are these:
Jeux France has some clear Crisis Core Famitsu Scans
JF also presents some Super Smash Bros. Brawl images
DBZ fans such as myself may want to take a look at these Tenkaichi 2/Sparking Neo vids here.
Lastly, Tekken Dark Resurrection JPN PSP cover...yessss!


DiGiKerot said...

Hmm, those ZHiME FPs don't sound particularly awesome or anything, but at least its better than nothing.

I've played some XSI&II, and I have to say its rather underwhelming. I'll still be getting the US version away, just for geeky completist reasons, but that doesn't mean I have to like it ^^;

R8 said...

yeah, can't say i'm excited about it, but it definitely IS better than nothing as i really thought they weren't gonna include anything when the official site updated w/ dvd vol.5.

heh, getting another one? crazee ^^. but if one has the choice between the now cheap PS2 versions and this DS one, seriously why would one go for the latter. I do like the new artworks though.

DiGiKerot said...

They probably hadn't decided what to include at the point they updated the website.

I suppose one might go for XSI&II because its somewhat revisionist - it has plot differences compared to both the previous game versions and the TV anime (I've heard Citrine, who only breifly appears in flashback in PS2 Ep 2 and is going to show up in Ep 3) appears properly before the end of the DS version, for example.

Given at this point I've already got two copies of Episode 1 and three copies of Episode 2, another Xenosaga game isn't going to hurt in the gtand scheme of things ^^;

johnny said...

Man, that Tekken DR boxart is gorgeous! Not long to wait now.
Also, well done for including a Seras pic :D

R8 said...

@ johnny: yeah, she was the first anime character that came to mind w/ the name. I then made a search for others and couldn't find anyone.