Monday, May 15, 2006

"Back"ter Up

Yes, I'm back after my trip to Vancouver. the trip was quite good and the city was much more beautiful than i had in mind (from my memories when i went as a kid). Heh, i spent quite some time at the arcades at one of the malls there, playing KoF XI, FotNS, RF2, and obviously T5DR. ahh, felt just like home, sadly, there's not much of a scene there. I guess i didn't go at the right times or there just isn't many hardcore fighters in Vancouver. anyways, i'm a little tired and got some catching up to do, so expect various updates later. oh yeah, sorry bakabb seems like RS #1 is coming out this week instead....aahhhh UDON and their messed up schedules.

I've been getting into a console gaming mood since i'm back and summer is here. been playing lot of Winning Eleven 10 (due to World Cup hype) and for some reason, Naruto Narutimate Hero 3 w/ my buddies (Anko...u wuv). This reminds me that i should start playing my other backlog of games (especially rpgs), however i don't see that happening when KOF XI comes out next month :P.

One of my most anticipated JPN RPG this year received a site overhaul w/ a new look and some added movies (anime cut-scenes in the Character section and Keywords section). Only 3 characters have movies so far, sadly Mitsuru (whom i wuv) doesn't have one yet :(.
More Pokemon DS
Konami releases a couple of E3 trailers for download (yes, full 14:50 MGS4 trailer)
Namco's Culdcept Saga Famitsu scan from JF
and that's game news of my interest for 10 o'clock EST this morning. might update if something else catches my eye later on in the day. meanwhile, i'll probably get some more shut-eye since my sleeping schedule is so messed currently.

since i don't do r2 cover updates anymore at AoD, here's two (amongst hundreds of others) that might interest some, which were unveiled also while i was away.
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yesh rideher

oh yeah, the pic is an oldie that Hisayuki put up a while ago (while i was away) and as usual, expect more HiME/ZHiME things to come.

(12:50 PM EST edit)Bleach Heat the Soul 3 official website updated today w/ several new characters (obviously w/ movies) including Rangiku(!yesh yesh!), Nemu, Yachiru, Bankai Hitsugaya and Aizen. Group Battle has been added to the section showing off that you can use other characters powers during battle. This game's been up for preorder for a bit now, so hopefully bleacheads already pre-ordered this ;). Can't wait to get my hands on this!


bakaboobie said...

Yeah, was sorely disappointed that RS#1 didn't come out last week.

And Urahara and Rider for the 2nd & 3rd discs (series respectively)? Hmm.. I was really expecting more of the 3 mod-souls to be in it than him. And Sakura on the 3rd FSN DVD.. Oh well, this means that more chances for S&M Sakura to appear later on as cover. :P

johnny said...

Hell yeah I gots Bleach: HtS 3 preordered! Been playing lots of Art of Fighting Collection recently and my thumbs haven't been this sore since the last Street Fighter on PS2!
About Winning Eleven 10 - how does it compare to 9 (assuming you've played it)? The worst thing about WE9 (Pro Evo 5 in Europe) was it was almost impossible to tackle without fouling. I've heard there are less red/yellow cards but nothing concrete on the tackling situation.

Zanza said...


you were in Vancouver? damnnit R8, if i'd known i woulda at least offered to take you for dim sum or sumthin! show you my favorite stores and haunts...

ah well, hope you enjoyed your stay and the weather was nice when you were here. ^.^

R8 said...

@baka: i was actually sorta glad it didn't come out cuz i couldn't really find a comic shop near me in vancouver, plus bringing it back on the plane would've been a bitch as i'm anal on the condition of my comics ^^.

@johnny: i never really played much of WE 9 since i had 8. But yeah, tackling is really sensitive in 10 as well as you also get a lot of fouls. Didn't get much cards though. I stopped using tackling cuz the constant fouls pissed me off.

@zanza: oh man, i went out for dim sum every morning/lunch and out for dinner every night. I only ate something 'western' like twice :P. Ahh...Chinese families ^_^. Yeah weather was nice though a little windy. I spent sometime at metrotown (the arcade i was talking about) and laughed at the prices at that Sakura Media store beside it (and its little kiosk and other store at Crystal Mall). But yeah, i had a pretty good time.