Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Cleavage for Da Summer

I mainly wanted to post this awesome Cleavage vol.2 (link=NSFW) cover. It's being relesed this month on June 23rd. It's looking great and a better improvement over ep.1 as we get more action. But more importantly more Sayaka action! Looks to have a Sayaka x Yuto scene (shaweet) and a Sayaka x Erika x Yuto scene (even more shaweet). Can't wait.

some game news:
more School Rumble Ni-Gakki PS2 pics - haawwwt
KOF XI shots - nothing new just more shots of the console characters (lifted from NGBC), 3D backgrounds and color edit...the usual SNK console extras. I watched another trailer some days ago that was shown at showtime. It's nothing new really, and like KOF AD, you have to sign up if you haven't already (it's free).
Onimusha Dawn of Dreams OST and UMD set
250 Price tag on Wii official?
GR posts launch/release list for Wii and PS3 (subject to change of course)
Phantasy Star Universe JPN cover
A bunch of Fist of the North Star games - where's the Arcade fighting game?!!!

and that's all the stuff of interest so far this morning.


bakaboobie said...

Sweet.. Can't wait how Cleavage unfolds.

R8 said...

@ baka: yeah, this one looks quite awesome and i'm definitely looking forward to it as ep.1 was quite lacking.