Tuesday, May 30, 2006

UtaTracks Fabulous Chanson

With the World Cup starting in less than 2 weeks, i've been playing a lot of WE10 (along w/ my usual rotation of fighting games :P). Thus, the theme song of the game has been stuck in my head. The song's called Win and Shine and it's by Ukatrats FC. Ukatrats FC is bascially a collarboration of many JPN artists solely for this song. The single was released last week and it's pretty sweet. Contains 3 tracks. The video came out a while ago, and it's meh. It consists of game footage and the artists singing and rapping (x_x, yeah i'm not into foreign rapping). I must noted that Sowelu looks very good in the video despite the short appearance. So here's some caps of her from the vid:

some old and new game news for the morning, will add more if other interesting news comes around.

From yesterday,
PS3 tilt-type controller coming to PS2 and PC, includes rumble
FFXIII V-Jump scans - nothing new as usual, same old shots from the trailers
School Rumble Ni-Gakki PS2 packaging - shaweet, debating on playing this game...will probably succumb ^^
Jeux France w/ SJ & VJ scans of DBZ Sparking! Neo - More Movie characters, this time dark Son Goku, i mean Taurus ;)
New Magical Vacation vids
My most anticipated JPN RPG updated w/ a new video
Tekken DR demo at Akibahara w/ digital pad faceplate shown (like SFZ3 DU). Playfrance put up a different trailer some days ago.
PS Signature Stuff

The most impressive 360 game during E3 (for Me), RS:Vegas will have facemapping
Gamereactor's Twilight Princess shots
Relive E3 w/ Kikzo's E3 2006 Ultimate Video Coverage

Naruto Movie 3 site went up recently...meh
Otome(!)...:P...still purdy

Himekishi Lilia was released early, checked it out a couple of days ago. Will have my hentai post in a couple of days.

Since I didn't have a sexy pic today (though i could've easily got one for Saber or any chick from Fate ;)), i'll post this piece of hot ass for today. Guess the mystery hottie if you like. I'll post another awesome shot of her in my next post.


johnny said...

BS D.O.N site finally open!
I missed that Tekken DR trailer, looks even better now. Still about a month away though :(

Acolyte said...

Tell me who that girl is NOW!

R8 said...

@Acoylte: i'll post her in my hentai post which should be real soon.