Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Been busy packing as i'm leaving for Vancouver tomorrow, so yeah, don't expect any updates for a week or so. i'll be back when E3 ends, so i won't have the pleasure of posting any game news of interest (shaaweet) or any anime stuff till then. Wish i was actually going to E3 since i'm in the western part of the continent anyways. So i'm gonna finish my Jingai Makyo theme today. See y'all later.

SNKP USA's PR. The King of Fighters 2006 includes KOF Another Day!!!!! SWEEEET. Sorta glad i didn't get the JPN version, though i have played a backup version :P.
Nintendo's E3 site

Oh yeah, of note, Rival Schools #1 by UDON FINALLY comes out next week (May 10th), so go git it (bakabb). However, the powerfoil has been cancelled (WTF?! i preorderd that shit for that awesome cover).

That's really the only main news for me this morning. the rest are old from yesterday in which i was too lazy & busy to post about:

Mai-HiME Senretsu updated w/ videos and system. I got the game today, though i won't be playing it anytime soon. And as i predicted at AoD, Haruka was the other secret character.
Chou DBZ hands-on and videos. JF shots w/ Box art (JP) and more shots of exclusives (ie. videl & mecha freezer). While the game plays like crap as it's trying to adhere to the more hardcore fighting game fans (like me) and failing, i'm still looking forward to it being a big DB fan.
Jeux France posted these around midnight eastern time - Sonic, next-gen pics
The official Bleach PSP site hosted a mini streaming ad for Bleach HtS 3. It doesn' contain any new footage if you've already been to it's own official site. Meanwhile ITmedia posted more shots and art here (gotta luv orihime everytime in Chinese outfit ^_^).
Lego Star Wars II hands-on
Gradius Collection hands-on
Xenosaga III pre-E3 2k6 and interview
Alone in the Dark 5 pre-E3
DBZ BT2/SN pre-E3

And here's a dirty NSFW Ignis shot to end it ^^.


bakaboobie said...

Of course, I'll get RS. Us two have only been anticipating this thing for almost half a year now. :D

somber said...

Have a good trip!