Monday, May 01, 2006

Playing with Evil

A gaming post but since i've skipped my Jingai theme lately, i decided to add Ignis today.

Namco Bandai officially announces R7 and T6 for PS3 w/ this press release:

"Leading video games publisher and developer NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. announced today its plan to be a key industry force in the next generation market with the unveiling of its next generation line-up at the 2006 Electronic Entertainment Expo. NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc.'s highly-anticipated content offerings for the next generation of consoles will include a variety of its signature franchises as well as introducing some new and exciting IP's into the HD era.

Triple-A franchises including Tekken and Ridge Racer will both be making their way to the PLAYSTATION(R)3 computer entertainment system. Ridge Racer(R) 7 will bring racing excitement to a new level when it ships to PLAYSTATION 3, while TEKKEN(R) 6 will pack a punch as an acclaimed fighting franchise.

Taking full advantage of the Xbox 360(TM) video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, MOBILE OPS(TM): The One Year War will take mechanized warfare to the next level as the player enters the intense battlefields of The One Year War as a soldier who fights by foot, in vehicles and in a wide array of mecha. Boasting online play and high definition graphics, Mobile Ops: The One Year War will bring the battlefield into the player's living room in the most immersive mech-action game to date.

Also making its way to the Xbox is the newest installment of the popular card battle series, Culdcept Saga. The popular puzzle series' latest installment is being developed by Omiya Soft and will feature exciting online battle via Xbox Live.

"As a recently integrated company, NAMCO BANDAI is excited to demonstrate our new publishing strength within the industry by unveiling our next generation line-up at E3 2006," said Genichi Ito, president and CEO of NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. "We are looking forward to supporting the next generation of consoles and being at the forefront of delivering quality content for all gamers to enjoy."

A bit more details on the MGS movie from Kojima...Strider as Snake eh? Wouldn't be the same w/out Hayter doing voice over :P

A game that i'm highly anticipating...Persona 3 scans

IGN's updated E3 list for May 1st

some slightly old news:
.hack//G.U. gets a number
Tokobot for ps2...sweet.

not much else right now, i might update if there's anymore interesting news throughout the day.

Anyways, time for some rant: Very excited about Tales of the Abyss being announced for NA...yesh Tear...yesh. You can check out endings and vids at Holystar's site (as well as other games).

I ordered the 2nd My-HiME PSP game off NCSX (spoilers) this time, they informed me yesterday that they didn't get any FP items w/ the game (which i had thought would include a poster), so if NCSX didn't get any FP items, then it's most likely there wasn't any. Oh well, they shipped the game today. Also, related to gaming is, I saw Silent Hill. Good movie and one of the best game to live-action movies i've seen since Mortal Kombat 1. A little slow, but i loved how they recreated the town just as i remembered from the game (
SH 1 being the only SH game i watched/played years ago) and it's mostly based of SH 1 story-wise. Kinda sux that Boromir (Sean Bean) was so underused.

Since it's a new month, my spendings for this month will be sorta high (for me) but not as heavy as last month's since i don't have any R2 dvds or books from JPN coming. What i'm expecting this month:
R1s: some non-anime movies, Kannazuki no Miko v.1, My-HiME v.2
Manga: a couple of Rei Hiroe books
Games: haven't decided, but Senretsu ships this month instead of last and thus will be charged this month
Figs - the heavy hitter and the END: Alter & Alpha Sei PVCs (cuz everyone knows i'm a Sei lover ^^) and MH Rangiku

Also, been preordering some more books like the Hidero Horibe Yours Art Works, Eiwa's second Queen's Blade book and F.S's Queen's Blade book. However, i don't expect to see these stuff in quite A WHILE just like how i haven't gotten my other Queen's Blade books (which i'm considering combining w/ this order). Meh, i got the scans to tide me over for now ^^.

Lastly, might be taking a trip out west of Canada for family reasons. So yeah, that's somewhat of a hit on the account.

7:09 PM EST edit: Old Tomy Naruto games come out for US Gamecube and GBA
Another new NSMB gameplay vid
A couple of .hack//G.U. vids
2K games gets Ghost Rider rights

11:09 PM EST edit:
Oh wow, that was an amazing comeback by Edmonton!!! Yzerman, you will be missed, you will be missed.

Another reason to own a DS - Details and screenshots of SNK vs. Capcom Card Fighters DS. Man i loved the NGPC version of the games as it was my first and only Card battling RPG i ever played due to the love of fighting games and franchises i love of both companies. The SD art was really awesome too. This one will definitely kick ass.
Metal Slug on Wii - interesting
update on Metal Slug Anthology for the PSP
and another SNK/Metal Slug related news - Fio's profile CG pic from KOF MI2
Nintendo DS' Spectrobes
IGN"s Budokai Tenkaichi 2/Sparking NEO update - SWEEET
Anal-yists: Xbox 360 wins....
New Tekken PSP shots. IGN posted videos of Lili, Dragunov and Armor King a couple of days ago

Hisayuki posted this pic today after returning from vacation:
That's it for today, gotta hit the sack soon.


bakaboobie said...

MGS as a movie, eh? Should be interesting how'd they render/adapt the villains. Hopefully, they won't have any insane stupid superpowers like the ones in the game(s).

Hmm.. Persona 3. I should look more into this game. From your excitement, I take it, it's good?

So Rangiku & co. are the so-called, "Figure-enders." :D :D

Zanza said...

ooooo, western Canada! you prob not comin to Vancouver tho huh?

ah well, if ya are, gimme a shout out! we can walk around downtown, laugh at how expensive anime dvd's are sold at B&M's and get depressed when we see people buying them XD

R8 said...

@ baka: about persona 3, i haven't played the games (they're pretty rare now, like most Atlus US games) so i don't know much about gameplya but the story is really good from what i read. every game takes place at a JPN school and you sorta go thru daily JPN school life while battling the supernatural. I also really dug the trailer (which was half anime/half game).
Yup, Sei and Rangiku will be pretty much 'it'.

@zanza: yeah, it'd be vancouver if i am going. however, i'm gonna be out there for a funeral :(, so I really don't have much time. I'm gonna be in and out unfortunately and busy tending the family business as i'm chosen as representative for my family X(. Dude man, it would've been cool to have a drink or two and chill ;).

bakaboobie said...

Btw, the more I look at Ignis, the more she reminds me of the girl who looks similar in Demonbane (upcoming anime).

WRex said...

I don't know who she is, but you're turning me into an Ignis fan...

R8 said...

@baka: heh, that's not surprising since they both share the same game companies and artist. Hmm...I also think i have D7's CG, not sure though.

@wrex: you should succumb to her greatness and get the figs like most ppl are. there's quite a few coming out too this year.

bakaboobie said...

Really..? Who's the artist (and any homepage?)

R8 said...

@ baka: the artist is Niθ (nishii). I don't believe there's a webiste, or at least i don't know of one.