Friday, May 19, 2006


just a litte bit of gaming news in da morning before i head off to work. probably have a real update later.

ZOE 3 "Probably" on PS3 baby!

Official Tekken site updates the PSP DR section w/ shots of Story modes (w/ art for Dragunov, Lili and AK), Bowling and Network. Impress Game Watch posts some higher quality pics of some of the same images and adds some new ones while also missing some from the official site.

More Coded Arms Assault shots
It's been announced that RE5 and DMC4 will be playable at TGS (Tokyo Game Show)
Interesting interview on Wii Sports from IGN
SE denies the FFXII rumours for X360 surfacing yesterday
Xenosaga III official site updates. Game Watch has most of the same stuff too. Jin finally looking more like Citan ;).
Some Taito titles for the Wii:
Cooking Mama (Action/Puzzle)
- Densha de GO! (simulation)
- Motto! Mawasundaa!! (Genre TBA)

Shots of the PS2 Appleseed game announced last year
Some info on the 2nd Appleseed movie...the Woo ^^ (use as translation program if you want to understand...somewhat)
For amusement sake, Fighting Beauty Wulong PS2 game shots

finally, i give something Otome related (as always, in nearly all my posts :P ^^).
here's volume 6 cover to My-ZHiME:
Free Image Hosting at

And that's the news as of 8:20 AM EST. A real update if i got time after work as i'm supposed to check out The Da Vinci Code w/ my girlfriend tonight.


johnny said...

Tekken DR is looking better each time I see it. Not too long to wait now!
You getting SF Zero/Alpha Collection? Just found out Playasia are shipping today (25th May street date) and my copy is on it's way to me. :D

R8 said...

naw, i'm in no rush to get it as i own all the PSX versions of Street Fighter Alpha 1-3 and Gold (from SF Collection) as well as Pocket Fighters already. Thus, i'll wait for the cheaper US release on the 13th of June. However, I don't even think I'll play much of it cuz of KOF XI's release. If I do want a fix, i can always play the JPN version from my friend who doesn't have much ethics ^^.

johnny said...

Yeah man I own everything on this comp except Zero 2 (this will be my 3rd version of Zero 3 :P) but I like the idea of them all on one shiny disk :)
And yeah, KoF XI will the da shit. Lot of fighters over the next few months w/ those 2, Battle Stadium DON, Tekken DR, Bleach HtS 3, Melty Blood etc.