Monday, October 31, 2005

Treat Plz

In a hurry, but hope everyone has a happy Halloween. If i'm fine tonight, i might make a more meaningful post ^_^. So here's my 2nd fave Capcom chick ever.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

WTF? She has no Soul!

^_^ not much news i want to make in particular today, just these shots of KOS-MOS in Soul Calibur 3 which you can achieve by getting specific items (the 'X' items) in the game and creating her in CaS mode. These shots weren't taken by me but by another poster on gamefaqs. I've yet to unlock these items cuz i hate CotS (i'm only on Chronicle 8).

Friday, October 28, 2005

United by Fate

yeah, title has two meanings ^^. Anyways, the news i want to make today is about UDON. Somewhat old news if you follow UDON closely, i found out about a week ago but totally forgot to post. Anyways, Rival Schools has been given a January Solicitation and it will be 48 pages! Not only that, ALL the issues will be 48 pages!! The covers for them are up as well as we got Rey doing Cover A, Alvin Lee (!) doing Cover B and Capcom's own Edayan (!!) doing a Power cel multi-layered Cover!!! I'm definitely gonna pick up all 3 cuz they look amazing, or at least Alvin's and Edayan's since i love their work. Top left is Alvin's, top right is Edayan's w/ Rey's cover on the bottom for those who don't know.

Also want to comment on SC III. Been playing it like crazy yesterday and today w/ my buds. This game is awesome but does have some issues. Seeing that it wasn't tested in arcades first, it does present some balance issues, so far haven't found anything broken yet, 'cept for the stuns maybe. As much as i said i love Tira's 1P design/costume (i still do), Setsuka just kick ass. This sexy babe's battou-jutsu (kenshin!) style is just wicked. She's so effective and fast but obviously only lacks range. She's become my fave to use of the 3. I'll probably practice more w/ Tira in hopes of getting her to outrank Sets in my books :P. Also, ppl have been bitching how Ivy's changed. Yeah, she's almost a completely new character as you can't change in and out of her whip stances w/ ease (2 of her stances have also been removed), and her old awesome combos don't work. That's what made ppl (who don't use her) hate her and fairly amateurish ppl use her in SC 2. I've been playing as her since SC 1 cuz she's one hot sexy bitch and must admit was shocked by the change. However, after spending a good amt. of quality time w/ her yesterday and today, I have to say she totally kicks ass and can be considered SUPER CHEAP. I've gotten use to all her 'new' moves and can already kick some ass, though i can't say my friends are SC buffs cuz neither am i, as we all like Tekken (and still do) much more. The computer is a joke to me w/ Ivy, though I lose a bunch of times (anywhere from 2-20) w/ the other characters (note: the AI in SC3 is considered hard & cheap in later stages, like KOF bosses). She's got combos that can send you approx. 3/4 across the screen for an easy ring out, plus a whole bunch of other mix ups! Man, she's so good.

So enough about that, anyways, here's the girls from the last post which fabio got correct. Two of British's hottest and natural (not so sure about marsh) models. Wish Pinder would do some full nudity shots w/out anything obscuring the nips :P, soon i heard, soon. Though i do have some pics where you can kinda see :D. Oh yeah, Michelle Marsh is the blonde and Lucy Pinder is the brunette for the unfamiliar.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

S Club...Gonna Show U Hoooowww ^_^

There ain't no party like an S(olo) Club Party ^^. Came across this pretty funny (and sexy vid) of former (and hottest) S Club 7 member, Rachel Stevens showing how one should 'pleasure himself'. Not really, it's totally work safe and do check...just in case...haha. Check it out.

Anyways, I finally finished all my midterms w/ the last one this morning. So fucking tired and need sleep. However, i also bought Soul Calibur 3 today, so no sleep for a while as my soul burns for Ivy and the girls currently.

one may notice "WTF is up w/ all that text on the back?" , yeah, it's a requirement that we include French for all those Quebecers XD. So anyways, i'll be 'back' ;), meanwhile you can guess who these hotties are (it's not hard if you know your chicks :)).

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Gal Fighters

Unforturnately, I bring no game news of One Piece, but who the fuck cares when you got Robin like that. I'll post more Robin pics in the future since she's my fave in OP and definitely the hottest. Anyways, Jeux-France put up some stuff regarding Naruto and Bleach yesterday. First up is official images of the 4th Naruto Fighting game. Secondly, they got a Bleach CM up for the Gamcube game. JF also has vids for Mario Kart DS and a Kingdom Hearts II cam trailer taken at the Akihabara Entertainment Matsuri. Anyways, today is also a big game day cuz RE4 for PS2 (getting awesome reviews) comes out as well as SC III obviously. 1up also has a sweet video of gaming action (Setsuka...very coool) for download. So happy gaming everyone.

Monday, October 24, 2005

The Soul Burns W/....Lust

Taking a break from all the studying. Just want to let ppl know that Game Trailers has the Soul Calibur 3 intro for download. However, Game Informers trailer is a bit better quality. I'm sure most know that the game is scheduled for official release tomorrow. I'll prolly get it on Thurs or Fri after my exams. Though I have been playing a lot of DBZ BT (finished Z Battle and have all charas). Anywho, can't wait to try Setsuka as she's the only one of the 3 new charas i haven't played as. Tira will probably still be my fave (of the 3 new and slowly rising up) cuz her 1P outfit/design is just...hhhh...aaawwtt. However, in the end, I'm still all about Ivy, i love her, kick ass w/ her and she's ├╝ber hot to me. So yeah, the trailer is awesome, starts off kinda slow though. Some sweet fights in there, love the father/daughter fight (though i'm biased ^^, Tira kicking Raph's ass was lovely. I still find Soul Blade/Edge's OP better, but that's an intro that a lot games of different genres has trouble competing. So yeah, go check it out now! And pick up the game.

and since I'm doing gaming chicks, here's the adult pic of the update, as promised, one of the playboy girls of gaming scan, Oracle, from God of War (which already has boobies).

Friday, October 21, 2005

Discipline, Cleavage or Milk? What 2 choose?

Currently very tired after a full day's worth of school and then work. Managed to watch my fave show this season though (My-ZHiME), but that's no surprise since i'm a fanboy of the show. BTW, a very awesome episode w/ some sweet as action. Really wish Reito (aka Rad) would just show his face as we already know from ep.1 that it's him (after hearing Toshihiko Seki's voice and seeing his name in the credits). Here's another cleaner pic from the game...i can't wait...dec 8 baby. Anyways, no real news of interest today except that Milk Junkies 3 the game is out in Japan now!!!! yeah, hence the theme. So enjoy some pics of Cleavage (for u bakabangbang), Discipline and MJ 3 (something JT would like). The artwork is gorgeous in all 3 (though i've failed to see all of MJ 3 cuz it's new, but Tatunami never disappoints ;)).

and now for the adult stuff:
Milk Junkies 3


and Cleavage

oh, anybody get the playboy w/ the girls of gaming? Pretty crappy IMO, only good ones are Avalon, Carla and Oracle. I might post them next time, if wanted.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

It has begun....

well, those who go to University in Canada knows that October is a shitty month full of midterms, assignments and essays. So i've been a busy bee and been studying a lot. Finished 1 midterm today, felt confident about it (*knocks on wood*) and still have an assignment due tomorrow. Next week i'll have 2 other midterms and 1 more assignment on the week of Halloween. Yippee. So I have a bit of time to update here for now.

Anyways, yesterday was DVD day, i managed to pick up the Deluxe Batman Begins and Bruce Lee Ultimate Collection (though i'm gonna return, more on that in a bit). I was thinking about
Lebowski Achiever's Edition, but I didn't find the xtras worth it and i'll stick to my original copy for now. Anyways, I'm returning BLUC cuz I finally found out (after buying it early in the morning) that Game of Death 1 & 2 doesn't contain the original Cantonese tracks which makes me go WTF?! as Fox/Fortune Star released GoD2 on DVD before w/ the original audio and now they take it out in the set! Big Boss, Fist of Fury/Chinese Connection and Way of the Dragon/Return of the Dragon have Cantonese 2.0 tracks, but still a no go for me. Anyways, after months of waiting for this release, i'm really down. Looks like I'll have to pick up the 7 disc HK R3 Ultimate Collection by Fortune Star since it's got the original tracks in 5.1 and DTS. Only crappy thing about the R3 is that Enter the Dragon (which isn't on the R1 cuz WB has the rights) doesn't have the English audio (licensing issues is the guess). For those who don't care, the set does look pretty nice. It comes in a box w/ exact same packaging as the R3 UC (no surprise since both are by FS). The 5 movies come in 5 thinpaks w/ the exact covers as the R3s. DVD Talk has a review of it that went up yesterday for those interested. They also reviewed the R3 version some months ago (though the set was released over a year ago).

anyways, to make my day happy (and hopefully yours too), i present to you one of my fave images of anime Maya from Tenjho Tenge (one of my fave avatars on AoD as well),

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Let's go 2 E-Town

I've been following ETown since it's inception when it was announced at cameroncroweonline (now and I finally watched it last night and it was great (though i'm a little biased there :)). It's a good date movie like all of Crowe's movies. His use of music was superb as usual and there was much more music than I thought there'd be, cuz he sorta focused the last half of the movie on music. I really recommend picking the soundtrack up.
I always liked Bloom and he did a good job portraying as Crowe. I'm glad he didn't go w/ Kutcher as I was crying at first when I heard that. Dunst did a decent job for her role, nothing
great though IMO. The movie has been cut since it's premiere from the Toronto Film Fest cuz some found it too long. It was originally 130 something mins. cut down to 123. Crowe better release an uncut version like he did w/ Untitled/Almost Famous. Joblo (linked to the right) has interviews of Bloom, Dunst and Crowe for the interested.

Game news I want to make today, is the PSP Mai-HiME Bakuretsu! Fuuka Gakuen Gekitou Shi. This game is a fighting game but it also has some bonus mini games. Even though I don't have a PSP, I'm still gonna get it (
since I'm a BIG fan of the show and ZHiME) and play it on my friend's PSP :P. Here's a scan posted on gamefaqs by tangowr. Here's a cleaner pic of one of the screenshots released today.

Lastly, tonight's a big night in
the NHL, so many teams playing. You got the classic rivals of Tor. vs Mont., Battle of Alberta and the awesome Senators. I need a big night cuz I'm still near the bottom of my pool :( (though i'm slowly rising :D).

here's the pic of the day,

and for some nipple action, here's Kirsten Dunst nip slip (adult, mind you, i'm not a KD fan, I only included her for my theme today ;)) and one for the bangbang/boobster, Bible Black (also adult).

Friday, October 14, 2005

Nice Bloomers

Well, I've been a DB/DBZ fan ever since I was little and Akira Toriyama is undoubtedly my fave JPN manga artist ever, so therefore I bring some DBZ news today along w/ another game news.
IGN's got a review (and video review) of Budokai Tenkaichi (AKA Sparking!) that went up yesterday. It got an 8.2 (.2 higher than 3). I've been playing my friend's JPN copy a lot and it's great fun as it's more true to the source than the other games. It obviously can't compare to real fighters but it's good fun.
The music is too good as it uses the JPN show's music. I was gonna get this game soon until I found out that BT includes both JPN and Eng. language options! Some places have already gotten the game NA version today but I'll probably wait it out until next week. Also the Greatest Hits version of Budokai 3 will include all the special bonus stuff (new skins, graphic touch ups and JPN VA!) found in the JPN version. It's also gonna use the sweet (and much superior) Japanese Cover. Speaking of covers, I like Sparking!'s cover much more than BT only cuz it's more fitting and the art's better. Though BT DOES have Mirai Trunks (my fave btw) :D.

Another game news i want to mention is Shin Gouketsuji Ichizoku: Bonnou Kaihou (aka Power Instinct Matrim
elee). This fighting game was out for the Neo Geo back in 2002/2003. This game is great fun w/ some swee art and graphics. Character designs are by Range Murata for those that didn't know. The fighting system is decent but not as in depth or balanced as your much superior 3rd Strike. Anyways, this game is going online in JPN and the game will hit next year. I suggest those who have a modded PS2 or a JPN PS2 to get this fun game. The soundtrack and music is to die for! All music are songs w/ JPN vocals, no other fighting game has that! New stuff in the PS2 version aside from online seems to be the transformations. Clara can transform into a super hottie now; Otane and Oume can transform into their younger selves etc. Here's the old site for those interested and the new PS2 site.

Lastly, who likes Cameron Crowe? That guy's my fave director, go check out his movie Elizabethtown today! It's better to watch w/ a lady/guy friend of course, pretty much like all his movies :). Oh yeah, Domino comes out today, though I haven't heard the greatest of t
hings about it, still Knightley, lap dance...sold.

I finish off w/ this popular pic of Bulma

and this here is for Baka,

yeah, minase's sis definitely needed more screentime, heehee. I'll post an adult one maybe next time.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Round 2 ...FIGHT!

Well, it's Street Fighter month and I finally gotthe much anticipated Street Fighter 2 issue 0 comic from Udon after they went on a break after Street Fighter issue #14. Some great stuff here as we get a bit of a recap and a little more development on Ryu. The rest of the issue has interviews of the Udon crew, interview w/ Shoei, a Rey Rival School mini (i can't wait for the comic in Dec or Jan) and a Exalted #1 preview. The art for SF has Alvin Lee returning once again (who's my fave Udon artist) w/ colors similar to that of Darkstalkers (which won't return until sometime next year ;_;), giving it the anime feel it deserved from the beginning imo. Anyways, great issue for only 1.99 (though a bit more for me in Can.) As for the rest of the SF stuff on the list (linked above), i'm only gonna get SF Alpha Generations DVD (Oct. 25) despite the bad reviews and crappy art. Though the animation is awesome if you've checked out the trailers and recent clips Manga put out, however, some of the signature moves still have me going WTF?! Aside from that DVD, I plan to get the Sota Fei Long fig cuz FL's my fave SF character. I was planning on picking up the SF vs. Mortal Kombat card game by Score but most of the art is meh or taken from the comic. So yeah, that's all i'm gonna get. November will be awesome though as issue 1 comes out w/ 40 pages. Not only that the poster of the SF2 #0 cover will be out along w/ the Felicia (by Kevin Lau) and Cammy (by Alvin Lee) door posters...i sooo want the cammy one!

anyways, here's SF2 issue 0 that i got today (i bought 2 copies :D) along w/ Scrapped Princess vol.3 LE. I got Sutepri only cuz the comic store mispriced it to 28.99 CDN which is kinda cheap as they had the RE right beside
it going for the same price. They only had 1 copy of the LE too, so luckee kee :).

And here’s a bigger and clean version of the cover:

And if you're looking for boobies again, here's some plastic cowgirl boobies (adult) instead of polygon cowgirl ones ;).

Monday, October 10, 2005

Welcome whoever TF you are ^^. If you managed to accidentally stumble here, lemme just say that i'm dicking around w/ this blog and enhancing my knowledge. Never thought i'd do a blog cuz of lack of time but since today's a holiday, i decided to play around w/ this bit of free time. Anyways, lemme warn you that this blog will be anything goes. So expect coarse languages and stuff. I'll be ranting on various things of my interestes which includes anime, video games, sports and movies. I won't talk much about life though XD. I'll probably do something similar to the very cool fabservice site (linked to the right), but i'll post a variety which includes real chicks (nudity? maybe ^^), game chicks and anime chicks. Anyways, here's the first image that i'm using (as a test)....Dixie Clemets from the Rumble Rose video game. Mmm...polygons :D.