Thursday, October 27, 2005

S Club...Gonna Show U Hoooowww ^_^

There ain't no party like an S(olo) Club Party ^^. Came across this pretty funny (and sexy vid) of former (and hottest) S Club 7 member, Rachel Stevens showing how one should 'pleasure himself'. Not really, it's totally work safe and do check...just in case...haha. Check it out.

Anyways, I finally finished all my midterms w/ the last one this morning. So fucking tired and need sleep. However, i also bought Soul Calibur 3 today, so no sleep for a while as my soul burns for Ivy and the girls currently.

one may notice "WTF is up w/ all that text on the back?" , yeah, it's a requirement that we include French for all those Quebecers XD. So anyways, i'll be 'back' ;), meanwhile you can guess who these hotties are (it's not hard if you know your chicks :)).


bakaboobie said...

Drawing a blank on the chicks.. though they have an impressive rack.

R8 said...

i'll reveal their faces and names in my next update :D.

Zanza said...

damn, i mustn't kno my hotties, i have no blue who those are. too damn many blondes out there, i'd hafta see a little bit of the face to guess =)

this is a damn fine blog though, i gotta seriously make mine more interesting XD

fabio said...

Going on the hair and body they kind of look like Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh, but then again, it could be anyone... Nice choice regardless! ^_^

R8 said...

ding ding ding! fabio's got it ^^.

zanza: heh, thanx for the comment. I think your blog is very interesting, it could just use a little more orgies (in both senses) ^_^, jk ;).