Friday, October 14, 2005

Nice Bloomers

Well, I've been a DB/DBZ fan ever since I was little and Akira Toriyama is undoubtedly my fave JPN manga artist ever, so therefore I bring some DBZ news today along w/ another game news.
IGN's got a review (and video review) of Budokai Tenkaichi (AKA Sparking!) that went up yesterday. It got an 8.2 (.2 higher than 3). I've been playing my friend's JPN copy a lot and it's great fun as it's more true to the source than the other games. It obviously can't compare to real fighters but it's good fun.
The music is too good as it uses the JPN show's music. I was gonna get this game soon until I found out that BT includes both JPN and Eng. language options! Some places have already gotten the game NA version today but I'll probably wait it out until next week. Also the Greatest Hits version of Budokai 3 will include all the special bonus stuff (new skins, graphic touch ups and JPN VA!) found in the JPN version. It's also gonna use the sweet (and much superior) Japanese Cover. Speaking of covers, I like Sparking!'s cover much more than BT only cuz it's more fitting and the art's better. Though BT DOES have Mirai Trunks (my fave btw) :D.

Another game news i want to mention is Shin Gouketsuji Ichizoku: Bonnou Kaihou (aka Power Instinct Matrim
elee). This fighting game was out for the Neo Geo back in 2002/2003. This game is great fun w/ some swee art and graphics. Character designs are by Range Murata for those that didn't know. The fighting system is decent but not as in depth or balanced as your much superior 3rd Strike. Anyways, this game is going online in JPN and the game will hit next year. I suggest those who have a modded PS2 or a JPN PS2 to get this fun game. The soundtrack and music is to die for! All music are songs w/ JPN vocals, no other fighting game has that! New stuff in the PS2 version aside from online seems to be the transformations. Clara can transform into a super hottie now; Otane and Oume can transform into their younger selves etc. Here's the old site for those interested and the new PS2 site.

Lastly, who likes Cameron Crowe? That guy's my fave director, go check out his movie Elizabethtown today! It's better to watch w/ a lady/guy friend of course, pretty much like all his movies :). Oh yeah, Domino comes out today, though I haven't heard the greatest of t
hings about it, still Knightley, lap dance...sold.

I finish off w/ this popular pic of Bulma

and this here is for Baka,

yeah, minase's sis definitely needed more screentime, heehee. I'll post an adult one maybe next time.


bakaboobie said..., thanks for the pic! She definitely needed more screen time in the OAVs. But you know, everytime she appears, there's always hot action involving her. ;)

As for Domino, at first I thought the movie would be another Marvel character adaptation for the movie, considering the Marvel character was a gun-toting person. ^_^;; But having some teasers for it, it kinda reminds me of Femme Nikita + Mod Squad.

As for the DBZ games, must be just me, but there probably hasn't been a good DBZ game that was fast and chaotic as the SNES games (DBZ 3, especially).

R8 said...

well, Domino is actually inspired by the life of Domino Harvey who actually died on some months ago from overdose. I mainly want to watch for Knightley and cuz I sorta dig Tony Scott's movies (love True Romance, Man of Fire was awesome and i sorta dug his Tom Cruise movies too).

I found Budokai 3 to be really good, it's one of my faves along w/ Legends and Hyper Dimension. Sparking ranks up there too now. I never dug Super Butoden 3 that much cuz it was mostly the same as SB 2 (which i loved). It only had new characters & backgrounds, was faster and slight graphical touches. The lack of the story mode really killed it for me. Though the new Meteo Smashes were very cool.