Friday, October 21, 2005

Discipline, Cleavage or Milk? What 2 choose?

Currently very tired after a full day's worth of school and then work. Managed to watch my fave show this season though (My-ZHiME), but that's no surprise since i'm a fanboy of the show. BTW, a very awesome episode w/ some sweet as action. Really wish Reito (aka Rad) would just show his face as we already know from ep.1 that it's him (after hearing Toshihiko Seki's voice and seeing his name in the credits). Here's another cleaner pic from the game...i can't wait...dec 8 baby. Anyways, no real news of interest today except that Milk Junkies 3 the game is out in Japan now!!!! yeah, hence the theme. So enjoy some pics of Cleavage (for u bakabangbang), Discipline and MJ 3 (something JT would like). The artwork is gorgeous in all 3 (though i've failed to see all of MJ 3 cuz it's new, but Tatunami never disappoints ;)).

and now for the adult stuff:
Milk Junkies 3


and Cleavage

oh, anybody get the playboy w/ the girls of gaming? Pretty crappy IMO, only good ones are Avalon, Carla and Oracle. I might post them next time, if wanted.


bakaboobie said...

Udder-HAWT!!! :P :P

Thanks for the pics. ;)

Oun said...