Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Gal Fighters

Unforturnately, I bring no game news of One Piece, but who the fuck cares when you got Robin like that. I'll post more Robin pics in the future since she's my fave in OP and definitely the hottest. Anyways, Jeux-France put up some stuff regarding Naruto and Bleach yesterday. First up is official images of the 4th Naruto Fighting game. Secondly, they got a Bleach CM up for the Gamcube game. JF also has vids for Mario Kart DS and a Kingdom Hearts II cam trailer taken at the Akihabara Entertainment Matsuri. Anyways, today is also a big game day cuz RE4 for PS2 (getting awesome reviews) comes out as well as SC III obviously. 1up also has a sweet video of gaming action (Setsuka...very coool) for download. So happy gaming everyone.

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Anonymous said...

Hot damn those chicks are hot.