Wednesday, October 19, 2005

It has begun....

well, those who go to University in Canada knows that October is a shitty month full of midterms, assignments and essays. So i've been a busy bee and been studying a lot. Finished 1 midterm today, felt confident about it (*knocks on wood*) and still have an assignment due tomorrow. Next week i'll have 2 other midterms and 1 more assignment on the week of Halloween. Yippee. So I have a bit of time to update here for now.

Anyways, yesterday was DVD day, i managed to pick up the Deluxe Batman Begins and Bruce Lee Ultimate Collection (though i'm gonna return, more on that in a bit). I was thinking about
Lebowski Achiever's Edition, but I didn't find the xtras worth it and i'll stick to my original copy for now. Anyways, I'm returning BLUC cuz I finally found out (after buying it early in the morning) that Game of Death 1 & 2 doesn't contain the original Cantonese tracks which makes me go WTF?! as Fox/Fortune Star released GoD2 on DVD before w/ the original audio and now they take it out in the set! Big Boss, Fist of Fury/Chinese Connection and Way of the Dragon/Return of the Dragon have Cantonese 2.0 tracks, but still a no go for me. Anyways, after months of waiting for this release, i'm really down. Looks like I'll have to pick up the 7 disc HK R3 Ultimate Collection by Fortune Star since it's got the original tracks in 5.1 and DTS. Only crappy thing about the R3 is that Enter the Dragon (which isn't on the R1 cuz WB has the rights) doesn't have the English audio (licensing issues is the guess). For those who don't care, the set does look pretty nice. It comes in a box w/ exact same packaging as the R3 UC (no surprise since both are by FS). The 5 movies come in 5 thinpaks w/ the exact covers as the R3s. DVD Talk has a review of it that went up yesterday for those interested. They also reviewed the R3 version some months ago (though the set was released over a year ago).

anyways, to make my day happy (and hopefully yours too), i present to you one of my fave images of anime Maya from Tenjho Tenge (one of my fave avatars on AoD as well),


Zanza said...

gah, hope midterms are going okay for ya R8

currently dying this week, 4 midterms in 3 days. have another 2 midterms next week as well as lab midterms. sigh, skool sux >_<

sucks about the BLUC, i luv Bruce Lee as well.

R8 said...

heh, thanks. Hope you do well on your midterms too since you don't seem to have much of a break. I hope to get some DBZ BT in this weekend before i go full on studying mode again.

yeah, it does suck about the R1 BLUC. sigh, oh well, i don't mind spending 60 bucks more for a superior version ^^ or do i ;_;.