Friday, October 28, 2005

United by Fate

yeah, title has two meanings ^^. Anyways, the news i want to make today is about UDON. Somewhat old news if you follow UDON closely, i found out about a week ago but totally forgot to post. Anyways, Rival Schools has been given a January Solicitation and it will be 48 pages! Not only that, ALL the issues will be 48 pages!! The covers for them are up as well as we got Rey doing Cover A, Alvin Lee (!) doing Cover B and Capcom's own Edayan (!!) doing a Power cel multi-layered Cover!!! I'm definitely gonna pick up all 3 cuz they look amazing, or at least Alvin's and Edayan's since i love their work. Top left is Alvin's, top right is Edayan's w/ Rey's cover on the bottom for those who don't know.

Also want to comment on SC III. Been playing it like crazy yesterday and today w/ my buds. This game is awesome but does have some issues. Seeing that it wasn't tested in arcades first, it does present some balance issues, so far haven't found anything broken yet, 'cept for the stuns maybe. As much as i said i love Tira's 1P design/costume (i still do), Setsuka just kick ass. This sexy babe's battou-jutsu (kenshin!) style is just wicked. She's so effective and fast but obviously only lacks range. She's become my fave to use of the 3. I'll probably practice more w/ Tira in hopes of getting her to outrank Sets in my books :P. Also, ppl have been bitching how Ivy's changed. Yeah, she's almost a completely new character as you can't change in and out of her whip stances w/ ease (2 of her stances have also been removed), and her old awesome combos don't work. That's what made ppl (who don't use her) hate her and fairly amateurish ppl use her in SC 2. I've been playing as her since SC 1 cuz she's one hot sexy bitch and must admit was shocked by the change. However, after spending a good amt. of quality time w/ her yesterday and today, I have to say she totally kicks ass and can be considered SUPER CHEAP. I've gotten use to all her 'new' moves and can already kick some ass, though i can't say my friends are SC buffs cuz neither am i, as we all like Tekken (and still do) much more. The computer is a joke to me w/ Ivy, though I lose a bunch of times (anywhere from 2-20) w/ the other characters (note: the AI in SC3 is considered hard & cheap in later stages, like KOF bosses). She's got combos that can send you approx. 3/4 across the screen for an easy ring out, plus a whole bunch of other mix ups! Man, she's so good.

So enough about that, anyways, here's the girls from the last post which fabio got correct. Two of British's hottest and natural (not so sure about marsh) models. Wish Pinder would do some full nudity shots w/out anything obscuring the nips :P, soon i heard, soon. Though i do have some pics where you can kinda see :D. Oh yeah, Michelle Marsh is the blonde and Lucy Pinder is the brunette for the unfamiliar.


Playboy19 said...

Awww hot chicks and gaming, is there anything more that you could ask for? I'm currently enjoying Soul Caliber 3 as well. I'm unstoppable with my girl Talim.

bakaboobie said...

Being a mighty fan of Akira and Hinata, I am definitely picking out all three volumes as well.

R8 said...

oh talim, i can see how she can be good and a biznatch ^_^. i friggin's hate that 'gut punch' guard break of hers. plus w/ the increase speed in the game, she's even faster!

bakabb: i love akira too, she was probably my best character in RS (i'm not that good though). Wished her or Tiffany was in Lee cover ^^ instead of all that Sakura :P. Understandable of course, marketing-wise. Though she should've gotten a seperate panel in the Rey cover since she's not from Taiyo HS, even if she's friends w/ Hinata.