Sunday, October 30, 2005

WTF? She has no Soul!

^_^ not much news i want to make in particular today, just these shots of KOS-MOS in Soul Calibur 3 which you can achieve by getting specific items (the 'X' items) in the game and creating her in CaS mode. These shots weren't taken by me but by another poster on gamefaqs. I've yet to unlock these items cuz i hate CotS (i'm only on Chronicle 8).


Playboy19 said...

Cool!!! I may have to try creating her later. I've unlocked a ton of stuff, but I've been spending most of my money on weapons like an idiot.

bakaboobie said...

ah... so she's really not a mainstay unlockable character then. I was under the impression that she is... ^_^;;